Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thank You Bravo TV

How did I ever get any stitching done before there was Bravo TV? And TLC, for that matter. Today I turned on a marathon afternoon of Pregnant in Heels and, before I knew it, I had finished the skip tent stitches in the upper background of Queen Elizabeth.  This is in complete contrast to the total lack of stitching that was (not) accomplished during this week's season premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I couldn't take my eyes away from the television. I thought that no one could be as volatile as Teresa but we just hadn't met her brother yet. OMG! is all I have to say! The Queen was speechless!

Back to stitching - I am finally ready to begin stitching the Queen's sleeves. They are basically half the canvas. But the stitches are nice, long, straight ones and hopefully the sleeves will move along quickly. I hope I will have a nice completed section of sleeve to show you next week.

I've enjoyed spending time on the patio and in the yard these last two weeks or so. All the pots on the patio are planted and blooming nicely. I've cleaned the grill and have used it quite a bit lately. This evening calls for hamburgers on the grill and some incredibly sweet bi-color corn.

Joining me in the yard and on the patio the last two weeks have been these creatures:

This is a cicada and they only make an appearance every 13 years. They have been underground feeding on tree roots since 1998. They are harmless despite their appearance. They're noisy, too. Last weekend they were all over my yard - the trees, the bushes, the grass. This week I'm not seeing so many and the ones that I do see are doing their best to escape the birds. I imagine no birds have gone hungry around here lately.

Time to get those burgers on the grill! Hope you're having a relaxing, stitch-filled weekend!


  1. Fantastic blog! My wife would really respect your needlepoint! I am a fellow blogger in Augusta, where I practice law and blog with my son. (Please feel free to check out my blogs!) I am also trying to reach out to fellow bloggers in our area and just wanted to let you know I dropped by for a visit! God bless! Thanks!

  2. Hi Melinda,

    The Queen is really coming along. She is fantastic.
    I now know why I do not like outside - your not so little bug is one reason why.


  3. Late spring/early summer in the South, hard to beat isn't it! Your stitching is beautiful and I am really enjoying seeing Elizabeth's progress!