Sunday, May 26, 2013

Remember Me?

I haven't been around the blog much the last couple of weeks but there has been a little bit of stitching going on in the evenings when work hasn't left me mentally and physically drained. The busy season for my work has arrived with a vengeance this year. I was distracted last week by Dan Brown's new book, Inferno. It was an enjoyable and a very fast-paced read - so much so that I got very little stitching done last week. Now that I have read it for the plot, I may go back and read it again for the fascinating in depth descriptions of the sights of Florence and Istanbul.

On the needlepoint front, I finished Laura J. Perin's Bargello Egg. This was a fun project!

The Tudors Home Study project is moving along with only the red silk band to stitch to complete the first kit. Can't wait to see what Amy has in store for us in the second kit.

My eighth egg in the From Russia with Love club is languishing in my stitching bag only because I am stitching dark purple thread on a purple canvas. It's almost as bad as stitching black on black even though it is only basketweave. This is the first time the next egg in the club has arrived with my not having finished the one before it. Maybe I can show you a finished egg next week.

There's lots of good stitching time to be had today in front of the television beginning with the Formula One Monaco Gran Prix this morning followed by the Indy race and NASCAR later in the day. I hope you are having a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. We are having a picture perfect, temperature perfect weekend here in Georgia. Wish I could move the television outside!

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

An Egg-citing Week for Finishing

I can't tell you how excited I was this past week to receive my four finished From Russia with Love eggs from The Needle House especially after the week before it seemed that they hadn't even started them.

The eggs are expertly finished! Each one is like a beautifully wrapped package. The fabrics, trims, and ribbons have been carefully selected to coordinate perfectly with each egg.

The side views are as lovely as the front views. I think I will keep these out for awhile as they really are too pretty to put away!

My work this week left me too tired to stitch most evenings but a burst of energy Wednesday evening and some quality stitching time on Saturday helped me make some nice progress on The Tudors.

The red triangular shaped area and the red strip at the top are a six-step stitch pattern. Yesterday I finished Step 5 of the 6 steps. This is the beading step and I always enjoy beading. Not the greatest picture today but the camera and the computer didn't seem to want to cooperate today. It's much prettier than this picture would indicate!

Last week I promised that I would show you one of the canvases I ordered from Amy during the January market. In this group photo on the left is Melissa Shirley's cat canvas. She offers this silhouette in several designs. I chose this one because of the other two Melissa Shirley canvases that I have. Last year I bought the Whimsy canvas along with the threads and stitch guide from Bestitched. Then I saw a companion piece in the Bloom canvas. My thought is that with the stitch guide for Whimsy I have lots of ideas and threads that I can use when it comes to stitching the Bloom and cat canvases. Now, I just need to find time to put Whimsy into the stitching rotation.

It has been a cool, gloomy, rainy week here in Georgia. I'm hoping for warmer weather and sunshine in the upcoming week. I'm heading to Jacksonville for the Mother's Day weekend.  I can't believe I haven't been there since Christmas! Can't wait to see Andrew and Anna!

I'll take this opportunity to wish my stitching friends who are Moms a Happy Mother's Day and hope that you are able to spend it with your family and friends.

I'll be back in a couple of weeks but until then have a great week ahead!