Tuesday, May 3, 2011

By Special Request

Susan requested a photo of the Halloweenie family. She has her own Halloweenies ready for the finisher. Hope these help, Susan!


  1. Thank you so much Melinda! I think that I remember that 'The Family' was finished in pairs and that each 'set' had different coloured feet, background fabric and cording. Perhaps I am dreaming!!??

    Were they featured as a group in one of Amy's Newsletters?

    Again, your blog is an inspiration...

  2. I sent mine off as pairs although the feet on Stirha and Frank are orange and green, respectively. The Bride and Groom have grayish/black feet. The fabric is basically the same on all of them but the shades vary just a little. The cording is not the same on all four. It depends on the coloring in the character. Maybe you saw the latest photo of all of the characters in Amy's last newsletter? I have only sent 4 to the finisher. I need to get the others sent to Marlene. Hope this helps!