Wednesday, September 8, 2010

They're Back from San Francisco!

What a surprise it was to find a package from Marlene's Custom Finishing in San Francisco on my doorstep this afternoon! Frank N. Stein and Stirha Cal-dron have returned from their trip to be finished at Marlene's. I am so pleased with them! Thank you Marlene, Amy, and Kelly for your wonderful finishing, stitch guides, and canvas design!!!

Let me re-introduce you to Stirha Cal-dron. She's looking more lovely than ever.


As you can see, Stirha is finished in a medium moss green silk with a black and gold accent ribbon and beautiful cording in purple and moss green. The bottom is finished with orange ball feet. My white countertop has washed out the green silk but it is almost a perfect match to the green in the spider border.

Frank is looking particularly handsome these days. He is finished in a deep, fern green silk with a gold and green accent ribbon. The green silk matches the greens in his jacket. The cording is done in deep orange and moss green. Frank stands on green feet.


They make a handsome pair and hopefully can soon be joined by Bride Z. Illa and Zomm B. Grum'e. It will be such fun to decorate with them for Halloween. If it weren't 92 degrees outside, I could really get into the decorating mood!

Hope you have enjoyed seeing these two finished pieces. Thanks to all of you who stitch along with me for your kind comments and encouragement. I had finished these two before I began the blog but I have enjoyed stitching the other characters and the Haunted House right along with you. We still have lots of fun ahead of us!

My real work is finished for the day so I think I'll go finish Dr. Acula's pumpkin now. See you soon -


  1. Hi Melinda. Frank & Stirha are wonderful. You did a great job!

  2. They look so good! Too bad they came after we left, I wish I could have seen them.

  3. Hi Melinda,

    Oh, Frank and Stirha really came out great. Love the choice of green for the finishing. They are just beautiful. I already decorated for Halloween. Frank and Stirha are in front of a large black tree.
    Cannot wait to see the progress on Dr. A.

  4. Hi, everyone - thanks for stopping by to see Frank and Stirha. They're keeping me company tonight next to my stitching chair so that I can enjoy looking at them. Linda, you'll have to post pictures of your Halloween decor so that we can see what you've done. Maybe I'll work on decorating this weekend. Tonight I'm working on the little cat's coffin. I haven't gotten much done though - too many distractions.

  5. Melinda

    Love Stirha and Frank...they are both adorable thank you for sharing them. Love your blog and look forward to your progress. Will start Dr A this evening and know he is going to be fun. This series is just the most enjoyable and all the threads and new techniques

    Sue VanderNoor

  6. The finishing is lovely, isn't it? Marlene's is worth every penny. Just look at that green slubby silk!

    Love 'em!