Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dressing the Doctor

Dr. Acula has been most patient with me as I attempted to get him dressed this week.  Despite him being a "doctor", he has been no help to me as I coughed and sneezed my way through the week. The dust, dirt, and heat at our warehouse finally got to me this week and stirred up my allergies. Dr. A didn't know whether to prescribe the cold/flu medications, the allergy medications, or the high blood pressure cold medications. Don't tell my real doctor, but I think I took an assortment of all of the above at some point during the week in an attempt to rid myself of the watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, cough, etc.

Dr. Acula is dressed for the most part. He needs his bow tie, buttons, and the gold trim for his cape. Today I added the orange puffy lining to his coffin. Photos don't do this part of the design justice. There's so much more dimension to it than a photo can deliver. I've added the green outline stitches around the upper lid and can see that it will take 2 or 3 rows of brown outline to fill in the outer edges.

I'm disappointed that this canvas won't be finished by the time W. Herr Wolfe arrives at the end of the week. But, it's just been a crazy month with work and all that has come with it. My plan is to work on the candelabra next, then move down to the grass and our friend, Rhett. I'll tackle the bottom border and then finish up with the "X" background and the large spider web.

Did I tell you that Bridezilla and her Groom are honeymooning in San Francisco? They heard such wonderful things from Stirha and Frank about Marlene's that they wanted to go there, too. I don't think they will make it home in time for Halloween, but there's always next year. I sent my Merry Christmas canvas with them and I hope I will get that one back in time for Christmas.

I gave into temptation yesterday and called Ruth Schmuff at Bedecked and Bedazzled and ordered her 3D holiday tree series. The Halloween tree looks like this. Ruth offers this as a one sided tree or as a 3D tree. The tree series stitch guide will be featured in Needlepoint Now magazine so Ruth will be sending the canvas and the threads/ribbons/tchotchkes, etc.

And, as if that wasn't enough, I also signed up for one of Ruth's mystery classes. I want to stitch the Beth Gantz Noel canvas as seen here. I must have lost my mind (although maybe I was under the influence of too many cold medications!). I am counting on my work load slowing down by the end of October and having a little more energy at the end of the day for more stitching. But, never fear, the Halloweenies continue into the new year and they will remain at the top of my stitching priority list.

It's a rainy night in Georiga for the first time in weeks! It's supposed to continue into tomorrow and Tuesday. It couldn't be more welcome!

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Hi Melinda,

    Hope you are feeling better. Dr. A looks great.
    I came home with the fall tree from Ruth's. I am only stitching one tree and will have the other two sides done with fabric. I am also signed up for the Noel Mystery Class and am presently doing Hermina Batwings Mystery Class.
    I have not started her yet. I want to get the background done for Dr. A. Just not enough hours in the day.

  2. Melinda

    Dr A is smashing!!!! Each Halloweenie just gets better and better

    I have to ask. I have noticed a magnet (I think) on your canvases before. It has charms on it??? It's on the upper left part of the canvas. Am I right and is it a magnet?

    Hope the allergies are better and I envy your rain. Hee in Calif we are having another heat wave...last one before Fall, I hope

    Sue VanderNoor

  3. Hi, Linda and Sue - I am getting better, thank you. Not going through a box of Kleenex a day any more although the cough wants to hang on a little longer.

    Linda - can I be your other stitching sister? We have an uncanny fondness for the same projects. Hermina Batwings also caught my eye but I had to use some restraint (somewhere) so I didn't order her.

    Sue - Yes that is a magnet you see on my canvas. It is a gardening theme magnet with little charms that hang off it. I bought it many years ago when the ANG Seminar was in Atlanta - sometime during the 90's. I have heard on the news about your record heat in the LA area. Hope it breaks soon!

    I brought work home with me last night so poor Dr. A received no attention at all. I can't wait for this week to be over with and it's only Tuesday. Ugh!

  4. Hi Melinda

    I thought it might be a special magnet. The toys are almost as much fun as the stitching...almost, but not quite.

    Doesn't H Herr Wolfe look like some more fun?

    Too many fun projects and not enough hours. I may have to give up sleep and reading., LOL

    Sue V

  5. Hi Melinda,

    I would be honored to have you as a stitching sister. I understand what you mean by looking forward to the weekend. They cannot come soon enough for me.

  6. I couldn't fight the urge and ordered Hermina Batwings from Ruth too! The canvas is fabulous and I can't wait to get started on it. Your stitching looks great. Hope you are feeling better.