Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Slow - Construction Zone

I sat down last night and took stock of where I am with the Haunted House - the ongoing project in the Halloweenie series.  Here's a photo of the house as Phase 3 begins:

Phase 3 may be starting but I am still in middle of Phase 2. There's lots to be done - lots of raised stem stitch, bricks, bats, windows. I think I will begin with the bricks. I read over the stitch guide for them last night and also went back to Study Hall and read through the posts from May when we were all working on the house.               

Since the last time I worked on the house, I have, in the meantime, purchased a copy of Amy's DVD Spiders and More, Volume 8 in the How'd You Do That? series. There is a section on the DVD in which she discusses the Raised Stem Stitch - it's very helpful to actually watch someone demonstrate this stitch this in front of you. This stitch will be used on the balustrade and the arches over the windows. There's a lot of balustrade to be stitched and quite a few arched windows.

Time to get the hard hat and my tool bag out -

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