Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rooftop Construction

I felt like there was little progress on the Haunted House this week until I started working on the roof this weekend. I didn't get to stitch every night this past week but the nights that I did, I worked on the two stone arches on the left on the first floor. One night was spent putting them in, one night taking them out, and one night putting them back in.  I'm hoping that at some point the arches will be covered in Study Hall and I can see how to improve upon what I have stitched. Here's a photo of them - if anyone who has already stitched these areas sees something that I am doing wrong, please let me know! They just don't look like the ones in the photos that come with the kits!


This weekend I decided to incorporate some of Kit #3 into my stitching and moved up to the roof to stitch some of the framework and ledges. After the frustration of the stone arches earlier in the week, it was nice to have some mindless Satin stitches to work on. I worked a little this afternoon on the ironwork above the larger shingled area of the roof and the chimney. Since this involves stitching black on black, I may wait until better natural light to go back to it. We have had a cloudy, thundery afternoon today so not much in the way of good, natural light this afternoon.

I did take one evening to finish a book by one of my favorite authors, Daniel Silva. His new book, The Rembrandt Affair, is another exciting novel involving Gabriel Allon, an Israeli intelligence officer (spy!) who is also a master art restorer. This fast-paced thriller takes us from Cornwall to Amsterdam to London to Argentina to Tel Aviv to Geneva and back to Cornwall on the trail of a stolen Rembrandt and the secrets it has to reveal about its fascinating history from the outbreak of World War II up to its recent theft from an art restorer's studio. I've probably read five or six of Silva's books and all of them have me putting aside other things until I can finish the book. 

Hope you all have a good week and get in some quality stitching time!



  1. Hi Melinda,

    Again, an inspiration!! Your blog had me take out The House and reacquaint myself with the canvas.

    I did not make much headway on #2, my determination being to stay on track with the characters. It almost was becoming an obsession. That said, the four are in the drawer waiting to see how Amy is planning to finish hers.

    Your pictures, so sharp and with the ability to enlarge them, has encouraged me to spend the last two evenings working on frames, windows and looking for other ‘easy’ areas being from #2 or #3. I wish I could help you with your question about the arches, but I am not there yet.

    The name of this project this month is to get caught up as much as much as possible. If we stay home from the LAKEHOUSE this weekend I will put on my hardhat and steel toed boots and work away. If we go, a smaller project will accompany me.

    PLEASE...keep up the excellent blogging. I am a huge fan.

  2. Hey Susan - Thanks for your nice comments! I appreciate the feedback and the encouragement. This haunted house is really quite a large project, isn't it? It can be a little overwhelming. I am determined to keep at it and find that if I take it in small "bites" it's much more manageable. This week I am still concentrating on the roof area and will get the ironwork on the roof finished up. I may go back to the bricks after that. Hope you get some work in on your house this week. A lakehouse weekend sounds pretty good to me!