Thursday, August 19, 2010

Science Experiment or Poor Housekeeping?

I sat down to stitch late this afternoon and noticed this behind my stitching chair. I swear it wasn't there yesterday!

I should probably be embarrassed but I think it's kind of funny. This plant is growing out of the carpet on an outside wall in my den. The den used to be a screened porch that was turned into a more usable space at some point. There's brick tile under the carpet. I went outside to see if there was anything visibly growing from the outside. Unfortunately, there isn't. So I guess that means that my housekeeping skills are in question.

What shall I do with my new plant? Let it grow or rip it out? Just for the heck of it, I think I'll let it grow.

Maybe this is a sign I should vacuum behind my stitching chair.

Last night as I was working on the ironwork on the Haunted House's roof, my Little Girl was anxious to get in my lap.  This is her look that says "you're not seriously going to make me sit over here by myself, are you?"


Typically, she got what she wanted. Little Girl is an inside/outside kitty. Yesterday she tried to gift me  with a rather large field mouse that she caught. I suppose she thought that we would have fun chasing the mouse through the house. Fortunately, I was able to close the door in her face before she could deliver the gift. I think she must have just stunned the mouse because it scooted away when she put it down. She keeps checking out the plants by the back door where she put it down. I guess she thinks it's still in there.  Another time I'll tell you about how she adopted me a few years ago.

If you don't hear from me in a couple of days, send help, I may have been swallowed up by the mystery vine!


  1. Melinda

    Thanks for sharing your new plant. Bet that was quite a surprise for you. Am anxious to watch it grow. BTW, noticed the "12 Days of Christmas Canvas" by Melissa Shirley. We do seem to like alot of the same canvases.

    Your Little Girl is a real beauty and the expression on her face was priceless.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing.

    Sue VanderNoor

  2. Hi Melinda...I too noticed that canvas tucked down to the left of your new plant and thought to myself....

    ....Hummmm....that sort of looks like what lurks behind my chair...a WIP, or in my case...two!!! No plants however.

    I decided the other night to play ‘follow the leader’ and you are the leader! I got out the black 005 and started on the iron work on the top of the house.

    I mentioned to DH as I drove with him this morning, my eye is now drawn to the beautiful wrought iron fences and gates in our neighbourhood...a special result of working with Amy's wonderful stitch guide!

    I am now alternating my attention in three different areas; the iron work, the satin framework, and the BORING window glass...effective, but boring to stitch...and will make headway!!!

    Question: When you split your threads (example: Simply Shaker Walnut 7029), taking out your three/four threads, do you mix the remaining two/three threads with the next length you remove from the skein, or do you keep them in a separated pile for a smaller area to be worked?

    I thought that I might write Peggy with this question and see what Amy suggests...I will check with daughter Lisa too.

    Please keep the posts coming. I am reading and ready to cheer you on!!!

    ...and follow your lead.

  3. Hey Susan and Sue! Lurking is a good word for my Melissa Shirley "Twelve Days of Christmas" canvas of the two turtle doves! I put all little projects like that one aside when the Halloweenies arrived and there it has been sitting since February!

    I have finished the ironwork on the roof and am very happy with it. I hope you enjoy working on it too, Susan. Finishing that area gave me a nice sense of accomplishment - much needed on the Haunted House! As for your question about mixing the threads - I do indeed mix them. Now whether that is correct or not, I don't know. I can't tell that it made a difference - especially with the darker Walnut color. I know you don't want a dramatic change in color when working with overdyed threads but it just didn't seem to be an issue while working on the roof and ledges.

    I may work on the area above and around the front door this weekend. Stay tuned! Hope you both have a wonderful weekend!