Tuesday, August 3, 2010

All Dressed and Ready to Wed

Laughing Jack, our Zombie Grum'e, is finally dressed and ready for his wedding day. Bridezilla has been impatiently tapping her foot and is none to happy that Chelsea Clinton managed to get married before she did. I'll let them see each other later tonight after her Groom comes off the stretchers.

I got on a stitching tear last night and finished up the background. The Closer and Real Housewives of New Jersey kept me company. My cat, Little Girl, finally gave up on trying to sit in my lap and spent the evening sleeping in "her" chair on her special blanket. She'll be as happy as Bridezilla tonight that the Groom has been finished. More lap time for her!

I love the shredded tatters of his coat. It was a very easy technique with lots of effect. You get the idea of the shredded coat in photos but it's so much better in person.

Later tonight I'll take stock of where I am (or where I'm not) with the Haunted House. I've only finished one window and have done none of the bricks, bats, or balustrades. Makes me wonder what I did during the month of May. I know there were visits to Jacksonville and lots of preparation for Andrew and Anna's wedding - and my work - so there must not have been much energy left to stitch. No matter, I did get to play with the glitter glue for the moon and stitch the moon's face. That was fun!

The next time I post I'll have some pictures of the Haunted House. Any of you out there stitching this piece?  

Thank heavens for Bravo - Rachel Zoe Project starts a new season tonight!


  1. I'm stitching the Haunted House and must say that I am in awe of those of you stitching both the House and the Halloweenies. I can just about keep up with the House as the kits come out. You are to be congratulated for working on all of them. But isn't it a great piece of stitching?? Keep at the House - you will be thrilled as the three dimensions develop with the raised stem stitching.


  2. Hi, Nancy - Thanks for your comment! I spent some time with the Haunted House last night reacquainting myself with it. I'm looking forward to working on it again and the challenge of the raised stem stitching. I'll post some photos soon of where I am with this project so we can see how far I get this month before Dr. Acula arrives.