Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Groom is in the House

Mr. Zomm B. Grum'e arrived yesterday afternoon right before a torrential downpour. I would have hated to see his fancy duds get soaked. I'm glad I was home when he arrived. He has a nice selection of new threads but will be borrowing heavily from his fellow Halloweenies who have arrived before him.

His coat has seen better days but he is wearing a beautiful vest that will be stitched in shades of gray in Ribbon Floss and Baroque Silk. Very handsome!

I don't know if you would say he has a "Crest smile" but he does have a smile that won't quit. His teeth will be stitched in Neon Rays so you know they will gleem!

Mr. Grum'e will be placed on the Evertites today. I don't have Evertites for Bridezilla and I have really missed them. I am easily spoiled. If you haven't had the chance to use this particular type of stretcher bar, here is a link to Jane at Chilly Hollow's review of them. They are expensive but well worth it.

I almost finished the double ring background on the bride last night. It shouldn't be too difficult to finish those up today and maybe get to her arm and leg bones or the veil.

Keep stitching....

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  1. Yay!!! That means my groom will be arriving soon. I agree about the Evertites. You get spoiled and can't stitch on anything else...sure makes a difference in your stitching..well worth the expense. What fun and better get back to the bride before he shows up. I know she wants to look her best.

    Sue VanderNoor