Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Bride is Ready!

I finished stitching Bridezilla last night as I waited for Andrew and Anna to drive in from Jacksonville. How appropriate that I watched several episodes of Say Yes to the Dress as I stitched!  I wish I hadn't saved the veil for last as it was a little tedious especially at the late hour I was stitching. The effect of the silvery 4-way Continental is wonderfully subtle. I wasn't appreciating the subtlety last night but this morning in the sunlight, I see it was worth the effort.

Yesterday, Bridezilla finally got her arm and leg bones - and her fingers. I loved the slide bullion technique using the #8 Perle cotton but I wasn't crazy about the same stitch using #12 Perle cotton. If you haven't completed the bones using these techniques, a tip from me would be to use short lengths of the #12 Perle cotton in particular. The thread becomes so fragile as you slide one of the strands down the length of the thread - so the shorter the thread is, the closer the bullion is to being in place. I had many wisps of the #12 in my lap by the time I finished the fingers.

I sorted out the Groom's threads last night and placed him on the stretchers. I may sneak in a few minutes of stitching while Andrew and Anna attend a wedding this evening. I read through the stitch guide once but I think I'll read through it again before I start.

Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday weekend! We certainly are. I'll have some pictures tomorrow of a little field trip (literally!) that Anna and I took to a nearby berry/flower farm this morning.

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