Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Inspiration Arrives in All Forms

So much for getting purchase orders written at work this morning! I just received a Tweet from Amy's Golden Strand (and an email) alerting me to the July newsletter that has just been posted. Robin, Amy, Jill, Peggy, and all the ladies at Amy's do such a fantastic job with the newsletter each month. It fills me with such inspiration to take on more needlepoint projects. I like Amy's thought about having Stirha whip up a potion that either slows time down or speeds up our stitching abilities. There just isn't enough time to stitch all the things I want to make. Peggy had shown us Melissa Shirley's Pink Peony Purse while they were at market and she shows it to us again in the newsletter. I think it is absolutely one of the most beautiful pieces of needlepoint I have ever seen - not to mention the incredible finishing. I would love to stitch it but would I ever be brave enough to actually use it? I guess I could display it somewhere in the living room and just look at it everyday!

More inspiration arrived via email from Michele Herron at The Bristly Thistle at Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, FL. Michele has a Tapestry Tent Trunk Show in the shop right now (through mid-July) and the canvases are 20% off. She has a beautifully stitched pillow sample in the shop of Liz Dillon's Halloween March and her email announces her stitch guide for it. I admire it every time I stop by her cute shop in Fernandina. If you haven't been to Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, please go there. Not only is the beach fantastic but the old town of Fernandina is so charming. I think Bristly Thistle has recently relocated in Fernandina and I look forward to seeing the new location the next time I go to Jacksonville. It's a convenient little side trip for me when I go to visit Anna and Andrew in Jacksonville. If I weren't up to my eyeballs in Halloween themed canvases right now, I would be on the phone ordering Halloween March. But, she has tempted me with the Christmas March and the Easter March canvases.

Bridezilla Update - the double wedding rings in the background are almost finished and the bride is beginning to calm down. I can probably begin her veil tonight or tomorrow. I think she'll be ready for her groom by the weekend. Should I let them see each other or make them wait until the wedding?

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