Saturday, June 19, 2010

Welcome to My Blog!

Hi - thanks for joining me! Hope you will enjoy following my needlepoint projects, keeping up with what I'm reading, and all of the other things that go to making a "good life". I always have several needlepoint projects going at once and am always reading several books at once. Eventually they all get finished.

My current needlepoint project is Amy Bunger's Halloweenies Home Study. You can follow the group's progress at Needlepoint Study Hall. At the moment, I am stitching Zombie Bride Zilla - the third character in the series. She would be an interesting addition to "Say Yes to the Dress" although I don't know if the ladies at Kleinfeld's could do much to help her. What do you think?

My first two characters were Stirha Cal-Dron and Frank N. Stein. The designs in this series are by Kelly Clark and the stitch guides are by Amy Bunger at Amy's Golden Strand. I haven't quite decided how to finish them. A stand-up, perhaps? I think for a series of characters that would probably work the best. There are 8 characters all together. Below are my two finished pieces. I'm pleased with the way my characters have turned out so far. I love the faces on Stirha and Frank - they are very expressive. Amy did a great job with the fine details.

There is another component to the Halloweenies and it's a major one - the Haunted House. Again, the design is by Kelly Clark and the stitch guide by Amy Bunger. I'll post some photos of it another time. It is a large canvas and we receive updated stitch guides and threads every couple of months. The Halloweenies project started in February and runs throughout the year. The characters are not too difficult to finish within the month that they arrive. I probably shouldn't say that because I still have a good bit of work to do on Bride Zilla to finish her before her groom arrives at the beginning of July. I'm getting ready to start working on her bouquet now that her headband and belt are finished. Her bouquet is made up of cup stitches which I'm not familiar with. I have learned so much by stitching this series and I highly recommend it as a great way to learn new techniques and stitches, not to mention all the new threads we get to work with.

The kitchen is calling my name right now. I have been brining some chicken breasts this afternoon in preparation for grilling them in a little while. I'm cooking some grilled lemon chicken this evening from a recipe in Cook's Illustrated this month - love that magazine. Earlier this afternoon I made a potato and green bean herb salad from one of last year's issues. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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