Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Morning in the Garden

I made a quick trip to Lowe's this morning for some potting soil and naturally came home with more than that. I bought a few small pots of a golden yellow Purslane. I love the small waxy leaves and the bright flowers. It holds up so well in the summer heat here in Georgia. Purslane does well even with little rain as is the case here unfortunately. I'll take some pictures once the pot fills out a little.

The best thing I came home with was this Double Pink Delight Coneflower. I've never seen this variety before, have you?  I love the way the small flowers spiral out from the center of the cone. So beautifully complex.

 I have another coneflower in the garden although it isn't looking it's best. Even with the sprinkler system, it's hard to get enough water on my plants right now with our severe lack of rain. It has thundered all around me for the last three days but there's been no rain at my house. This fall I may move my more traditional  coneflower to a sunnier place in the bed. The trees above it are starting to provide a little too much shade. That and lack of rain might be why there are so few blooms.


  1. Hi Melinda.
    Love your blog. I plan on linking NSH to your blog for easy reference. I've never seen the Double Pink Delight Coneflower. It's so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Robin. I always enjoy seeing your posts on NSH.

  3. Hi Melinda

    Love the blog and your stitching is looking wonderful. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. The Halloweenies are such fun and we are learning so many new techniques along the way.,

    Sue VanderNoor

  4. Thanks for your kind comments, Sue. Isn't it great to have so much fun and be learning so much at the same time! I appreciate your stopping by and leaving a message!