Sunday, September 2, 2012

Equal Opportunity Holiday Stitcher

I thought it might be a nice break from Christmas Parade to show you some other holiday canvases that I am working on. The Parade has been front and center for a while now but I have found some time to work on a couple of smaller canvases for Halloween and July 4th.

I showed you the Kirk & Hamilton Frog's Breath bottle a few weeks ago.  I have been stitching black on black for a large part of the bottle so there really isn't too much to see other than the fact that I have finished the black areas. Now I can work on adding the frog's fingers, toes, and tongue. I started on the lettering this week and had hoped to get that part finished but I didn't quite get to the finish line.

My little July 4th girl is really coming along. It took a while to stitch that head full of curls. I used Twisted Lazy Daisy stitches for the curls. She has a big, navy ribbon bow in her hair that will be added towards the end of my stitching. This week I finished her blue dress (except for the white beads) and red and white sash. I'll probably work on the background over the next couple of days and then move on to the border.

I added two more canvases to my Kelly Clark Heritage Series of Christmas ornaments this week. I found these on eBay.

Hope you're enjoying the Labor Day holiday and can settle in for a nice weekend of stitching! My Ott Light bulb burned out last night after many years of use so I'll be off to Joann's today to replace it. I'm too dependent on that light  - my primary source of stitching light - to go for too long without it.

Have a good week ahead!


  1. Everything looks so good Melinda. Have a great week stitching. I finally got my sewing room completely cleaned out and now I can sit and enjoy my stitching time. I know what you mean about "light". I am off to Home Depot for batteries and staples for the staple gun. I found a few Petei santas on ebay this week. I must not be the only one cleaning out!

  2. Cute post full of fun stuff. A couple of the Swans have done a lot of those MS Victorian children. Boy, do they look cute finished up. Get that light in order. I want to see more stitching! Happy Labor Day!

  3. Hi Melinda,
    Oh, what fun canvases you have been working. Love the little girls hair. She is going to be so cute when she is finished.