Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Bottle of Frog's Breath

I took a little break from blogging last week to visit with my son and daughter-in-law who were in town to pick up some furniture they bought here over the Labor Day weekend. A locally owned furniture store is having an unbelievable sale and it was exciting to see Andrew and Anna  load up a rental truck with all the elements of a brand new living room.

While the blogging was on hold last week, the stitching was not. I finished my Kirk & Hamilton Frog's Breath Poison Bottle canvas. The stitch guide is by Amy Bunger.

This one will be off to the finisher tomorrow in hopes that it might come back to me before Halloweeen. I'll have it finished as a standup. I was doing a little Halloween shopping at JoAnn's this week and they had some cute "poison" bottles for sale in their Halloween decor area but none had the character of the Frog's Breath bottle.

I was on a mission to JoAnn's this week to buy two specific pieces to add to my Halloween decorations. On an earlier trip there, I had come across a stack of two "books" - Curses and Spells - that I wanted as props for my Halloweenie characters. I held off buying them until I had two coupons that amounted to 60% off. I don't think the ink had dried on my printed out coupon before I was out the door to buy my books.

It's a good thing that Amy's Home Study only included eight characters or else I would have needed a larger mantle on which to display them. I don't think there are any more additions that can be made to the mantle's Halloween display. There's no more room!

If you are looking to add some new pieces to your Halloween decorations, don't miss trips to Pier One and JoAnn's. They both have a fun variety of decorations.

My other addition to my Halloween decor was this witch's hat wreath from a favorite local store, Cudos. It's almost as big as my back door!

My work on the Christmas Parade continues. Each week there are fewer and fewer open spaces left to stitch. I've finished the snowy ground and the trees and have moved on to the final details. I'll have a picture for you next week.

If you are wondering about the header photo I am using for the next few weeks, that's the "Boo" canvas by & More Designs with a stitch guide by Amy Bunger.

Well, friends, that's it from Halloween Central for this week. Have a great week ahead!


  1. I love it all. I think I am off to Joanne's today for a few books. Have a great stitching week. I think I need to find out more info about that wreath. It's beautiful.

  2. Halloween Central it is! Great decorations.

  3. Your Halloween decorations are stunning. You do Halloween very proud. The stitching is beautiful and the arrangements are wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing

    Sue V

  4. Hi Melinda,
    Cannot wait to see how you have the Frog bottle finished. Your mantel is spectacular!!! The books from Joann's add a nice touch. Might have to go and look at them. The wreath is to die for. It looks wonderful on your door.
    Have a great week stitching.

  5. Love all of your Halloween decorations and the way you have them all displayed! So much fun to look at...

  6. AWESOME displays, Melinda! Thank you so much for sharing! Just love
    your stitching and how you finished the Halloweenies with different colored balls for their feet!
    Happy Stitching!

  7. I love it all! Curses and spells?? Time to make a trip!

  8. Melinda - your Halloween mantel is just smashing - HOW WONDERFUL! I have never seen all of Amy's pieces finished and displayed in such a lovely array. I hope you will be coming back to our area sometime this fall and can visit with us. We'd love to meet you. Melody

  9. Melinda,if it is OK with you, I would love to have high rez copies of your Halloweenies on the mantle to use in my catalog! Is it possible you could e-mail me the photos? I need 300 dpi jpegs, if possible!