Sunday, May 6, 2012

One Finish, 2 WIPS

This week I finally got back to the Candy Corn Halloween ornament by Kelly Clark and finished it up. Chalk up one more ornament for the Halloween tree! Now I just need to send this one and three of the Creepy Characters to the finisher. I really enjoyed stitching Kelly's Halloween apples with the stitch guides by Amy Bunger - lots of fun!

I made a little more progress on the background for the Christmas banner this week. Since the background  is worked in three steps, I am skipping around a little so that I don't get too bored with all that white and silver. I just have the area around the last letter left to complete Step 1 which forms the grid within which the other two steps are stitched. I try to focus on just the area in front of me when I'm stitching and not focus on how much more is left to be done. My goal is to have the banner completed by the end of June. Will I reach my goal? Stay tuned...

I gave Sunflower and Strawberries a few hours of stitching time this week. I finished the petals and center areas of the sunflower this week. I'll leave the stacked beading of the center and the ribbon finishing of the petals until the very end of the project.

I love the small blossoms with their turquoise pop of color.

I am counting down the days until I drive to Memphis for Needlepoint University at Amy's Golden Strand. It's less than two weeks away now! It will be such fun to finally meet my stitching friends, Linda and Diane.

Now that the Halloween apple is finished, I need to decide on the next small project to be stitched. I have a Kelly Clark witch's hat in the queue as well as the Mindy Christmas cupcake I showed you last week. I have two Melissa Shirley July 4th children canvases that have been languishing in the stash for awhile now and a Melissa Shirley patriotic heart canvas as well. And those are just the smaller canvases! Decisions, decisions...

I hope those are the hardest decisions I have to make all week!

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Melinda,

    I just love the sunflower canvas. It makes me smile every time I see it. Great job, it's looking beautiful.

  2. Hi Melinda,
    The Halloween Apple is beautiful. I agree with Diane the sunflower just makes you happy. It is coming out great. The Stumpwork strawberry really came out spectacular. You will have to give us lessons in Memphis.
    Cannot wait to meet you.

  3. Melinda

    Your blog is always so inspiring and it always makes my morning a little brighter. Your Halloween Apple is great and the stitching is so pretty, as always. The Sunflower is coming along and looks so good..a fun project for sure. Have fun in Memphis with Diane and will all have so much fun. I am envious of you all

    Sue V

  4. What a needlepoint week for you! And more to come at Amy's. Have a great time. Want daily updates.