Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

Good morning and Happy Mother's Day! We're off to a rather dreary, rainy start to Mother's Day here in Georgia. My morning was brightened by the arrival of a glorious vase of white roses from Andrew and Anna. When did florists start delivering on Sundays? I don't ever remember receiving flowers on a Sunday before. But, I'm delighted to receive them no matter what day of the week it is!

The NeedleDeeva Sunflower and Berries canvas is a cheerful piece that will brighten even the rainiest day. There wasn't a lot of stitching accomplished on it this week. It was a hectic work week that didn't leave much energy in the evenings for stitching. But I did finish the beading on the three blossoms and large leaf in the upper right of the canvas.

The Christmas banner languished in a corner of my office this week. It received no love at all from me all week long. I think I'll bring it back to the den this afternoon and put in some serious work on the background. It deserves a couple of hours of attention!

My excitement is building as I begin making my preparations to drive to Memphis this week for Amy's Needlepoint University. This time next week I will have spent three wonderful days at Amy's working on the Christmas Parade canvas (my Christmas gift from Andrew and Anna) and enjoying the company of my stitching friends. I couldn't ask for a better vacation!!

I had some tedious work at my desk this week filling sample bags for an upcoming tradeshow. I decided to bring the iPad into the office and see what I could find on Netflix to watch while I stuffed bags. I settled on The Borgias - Season 1. OMG - I am officially addicted to this series! I read a description of the Borgias that called them the "original crime family". Is that ever an appropriate description! Life in the 15th century was rough! Justice or revenge was swift and brutal, illness was everywhere, and marriage vows and vows of celibacy didn't amount to much. I'm finding it fascinating! I think the second season is currently being shown on Showtime to which I don't subscribe. I still have quite a few episodes to go on the first season but I am already anticipating Season 2!

I look forward to sharing my experiences at Amy's this week with you. I hope I'll have a chance to post something Friday or Saturday - depends on my internet connection at the hotel.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Hi Melinda,
    Have wonderfu Mother's Day. Enjoy your day stitching and packing.
    See you soon.

  2. Hope you are having a great Mother's Day. I just love that sunflower canvas so much. It is looking great. Can't wait to see you Thursday night.