Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Noel is Finished!

I am pleased to report that my Noel canvas is finished. I have to thank Beth Gantz (designer) and Ruth Schmuff (stitch guide & threads) for a truly fun project. Noel was one of Ruth's Mystery Class projects for December.

Photographs really don't do the colors of this canvas justice. The reds are a true scarlet and the greens are bright and clear like a Granny Smith apple. I took another photo so that you could see the effect of the beading in the darker green stripes.

I stitched the beading after I had attached the jingle bells and enjoyed the soft "jingle" sound every time I moved the canvas. It was delightful!

While I am happy to have a finished piece during the 2nd week of January, I will miss working on Noel. Not that there aren't plenty of other projects waving their hands to be noticed! Sarcoph A Gus will receive my full attention now. Well, maybe 95% of my attention. I would love to finish my XOXO canvas with Valentine's Day coming in a few weeks. I don't have much more to finish on this one.

The sun is out and it is still only 35 degrees, but that is enough warmth to begin melting the ice. I can't get to the car yet for all of the ice, but maybe tomorrow it will all be gone.

Stay warm and dry and off the ice!


  1. Oh Melinda.

    Noel looks so pretty. Love it and the XOXO. They are calling my name for next year. I sure like what Ruth did with the letter Noel. I imagine it looks so much better in person. Great way to start the new year

    Keep warm

    Sue VanderNoor

  2. Hi Melinda,

    Noel is spectacular. You did a beautiful job stitching it. I would finish XOXO. It would set the mood for Valentines Day.


  3. It is beautiful. You should be very proud of your work, it's beautiful.

  4. I'm working on the Jingle canvas from Ruth. Isn't this fun? And like you, I cooked enough food for a large troop of hungry teenagers; BBQ pork, Red beans, rice and sausage, White bean and ham soup, Chicken spaghetti and then decided that I needed to use the eggs so made brownies and Apple Dapple cake. We were only inside for one day here in Birmingham but at least I had enough cooked for the rest of the week (and then some). Can't wait to see Gus all done up!

    p.s. My 6 month old kitten is named Augie - for the August National Golf Club. Can you tell my husband is a golf fan?

  5. Hi, everyone! Thanks for stopping by and saying nice things about Noel. It was so much fun!

    Carol, I think you outcooked me! It has been so nice this week to have a selection of dishes to choose from, I don't know why I don't cook like I did last week more often. Usually I cook one thing and then eat it every night for a week. If you are coming to Augusta for the Masters this year, let me know - maybe we can get together.