Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Beading Begins

It has been all about the beads this week with Sarcoph A. Gus. I imagine that will be the story for this weekend and next week as well. I have completed the bottom rows of strings of beads and the lower red section of the case.

I usually keep my beads in/on a Tacky Bob and work from it when beading. But with this much beading, Tacky Bob just isn't doing it for me this time. So, I improvised and laid down a strip of double sided tape along the right edge and sprinkled my beads onto it. It works very nicely and I only lose a few beads to gravity every now and then. I have "lost" a lot of the coppery orange beads to their not fitting through my beading needle. I'm using Bohin beading needles which I love and they seem to work well with the other beads. It seems like every other orange bead I pick up won't fit through the needle and it's a little frustrating. Good thing that there are plenty of beads to choose from.  It's time to move on to the blue section!

We've had a beautiful couple of days and, although it's in the low 40s today, it looks like it should be a lot warmer. My backyard was covered in robins the other day and this morning I saw cedar waxwings swarming all over a bush that was covered in berries. My camellias are about to burst into bloom - a few more days in the 50s and I will see the bushes covered in bright pink flowers. So nice to have some color in the yard in January and February!

Hope your stitching is going well and that you are getting a lot accomplished!  Have a good week!

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  1. Hi Melinda,

    Gus is really looking spectacular. The beading is just magnificent. It is going to be worth all the work involved. Great job!!!