Monday, August 30, 2010

Hugs & Kisses

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Here in Georgia we had a hint of the change of season that's ahead. We had some comfortable temperatures - upper 80's and lower 90's - still not exactly cool but when the humidity isn't so high, the lower 90's are comfortable compared to just a few weeks ago. I enjoyed my morning tea out on the patio on Sunday and did the same this morning. It was a welcome change!

I made more progress on XOXO this weekend than I anticipated. It works up very quickly. The walnettos are completed as are the hearts. Tonight I'll be working on another trame stitch in the second red area.

I have laid one direction of diagonal stitches and will lay the opposite direction in just a little bit and then begin to fill in with the other design elements. This is a great size for a small project. Just about the time I was getting tired of stitching those walnettos, I was finished. The next section of hearts took no time at all.

I promised you a look at the mystery vine that is growing behind my stitching chair. It's hanging in there although this afternoon the topmost leaves are starting to wilt. Whatever source of moisture there has been for this vine must be drying up. It has been about two weeks since I first noticed it growing back there.

The newlyweds are coming for a visit this weekend. Anna is coming up a little ahead of Andrew so we will have some nice "girl time" before he gets here. Andrew has to deliver a car back to BMW in Spartanburg, SC on Saturday so we will follow him up there and then we'll all run up to Asheville for a brief afternoon visit. I haven't been to Asheville in a couple of years and it's just one of my favorite places to go.

Looking forward to meeting Dr. Acula this week. I think he's still riding around in the big brown truck.

Keep stitching!

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