Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Doctor is in the House

Look who arrived just in time for dinner tonight - Dr. Acula! And how appropriate that he arrived right at dusk! It made his emergence from the coffin box much more comfortable than if he had arrived in broad daylight.

The thread kit gives us hints of the fun to come with this character. I'm looking forward to reading through the stitch guide tonight, deciding where to start, and sorting out all of the threads I will use from previous kits. I laughed out loud when I read the special notice from the Halloweenies Construction Union and Monsters Incorporated that was enclosed with Dr. Acula. Basically, those of us in the union are asking for shorter stitching days and more time off around certain holidays. So it looks like we will be taking the month of November off and returning to construction on the Haunted House in December. Also, there will be a 5th phase to the Haunted House which will extend our home study into March. I fully support the Union's efforts on our part (and I'm not particularly fond of unions!). Now, if they can just work out a way to get some health insurance for me...

A shout out to Linda at Stitching Sisters, I saw your Stirha and Frank finished pieces in Amy's September newsletter and they look incredible! Great stitching! I know you will be excited to get them home. I can hardly wait for my two characters to come back from their time on the west coast.

The Doctor is calling to me and says he needs to stretch his legs after his journey from Tennessee and I need to gather my garlic and crucifixes before I go to bed tonight - just in case.

Good night, all!


  1. Hi Melinda,

    Thank you for your kind words. I am really anxious for Stirha and Frank to arrive. I hope Dr. A is not giving them a hard time on the trip from Memphis. I am anxious to see what Marlene has in store for your pieces.


  2. Great posting, Melinda. Looking forward to the upcoming month's stitching & blogging.

  3. What fun! I am jealous of your time with the Dr. He and the mummy are my favorite characters in the set. But at least I can come over to your place and vicariously enjoy the stitching.