Friday, July 23, 2010

New Additions to the Stitching Library

Thank goodness it's Friday afternoon greetings from Jacksonville, FL! I drove down to Jacksonville yesterday to spend my birthday weekend with the newlyweds. On my way down, I detoured over to Fernandina Beach to visit The Bristly Thistle. They have recently moved to a charming building right off the main street. There is always a lot to tempt me but this time I restrained myself and only bought two books.

The "OOOOOH" Book is a how-to book by River Silks and it came with a piece of canvas and a sample spool of their variegated 100% silk ribbon for practicing the techniques covered in the book.  The color photos of some of the sample pieces are really beautiful. There is a beautiful folded ribbon technique that I look forward to trying. I have to thank Jane at Chilly Hollow for her post about the ribbons (from River Silks) she is using on her Cha project for introducing this company to me. I wasn't looking for this book but it practically jumped into my hands yesterday and I was excited to find it.

The other book I bought is SuZy's Mini Stitches. This will be a nice companion to my copy of SuZy's small stitches.

What are your favorite needlepoint books? I'm always looking to add to my library and would love to hear your suggestions.

This afternoon I stopped in at A Stitch in Time here in Jacksonville that carries knitting/cross stitch/needlepoint supplies and picked up the latest copy of Needlepoint Now (I let my subscription lapse) and three spools of River Silk to play with now that I have some ideas for how to use it.

This morning while I put in a couple of hours of work on the laptop, I had some company:


This is Elvis and that's Buddy in the background draped over the arm of the sofa. Elvis is just a baby and kept himself busy by snuggling up next to me for the morning and trying to catch his tail. He still hasn't figured out that it's attached to his body.

There won't be any work on The Groom this weekend; he was left at home. What needlepoint projects do you take with you when you travel? I just didn't want to carry the stand, the frame, the light, etc with me for the weekend. I brought a project with me that is not on a frame and that I can roll up and hold in my hand. A very low maintenance piece! 

Hope you all have a wonderful late July weekend! Where is the summer going?


  1. Hi Melinda,

    Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend.

    I love all Julia Snyder's books. 176 Amazing Stitches, Backgrounds & Such, Categories for Needlepoint Stitches and Darn Fillings.

    I have the River Silk book and refer to it frequently when making ribbon flowers. Great Book.

    Enjoy your special weekend.


  2. Melinda

    Happy Birthday and have a wonderful visit with your family. Sounds like it started out very books and a visit to a Shop is always good in my book

    I can understand about not taking the stand, light, threads as it can be cumbersome.

    I have the Ribbon book and it is a great book and any of Suzy's books are a must. I refer to Stiches To Go frequently as well. As Jill from Amys told me...the "toys" are alot of the fun

    Sue VanderNoor

  3. Thanks for your kind birthday wishes! I'm having a great weekend!

  4. What a coincidence; I am planning to visit the Bristly Thistle in Michigan in a few weeks. I absolutely do not need a new project, but I can't resist at least going to look!

    My little girl kitty says to tell Elvis hello. I think she has a crush on him!

    Nannette in Marietta