Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Night Time Sky

Last week I said that I wanted to concentrate my stitching time this week on the night time sky for the Christmas Parade. And that's exactly what I did. It doesn't exactly make for exciting blog news or pictures but I'm really pleased with my progress.

I knew I would run out of the background color before the weekend so I called Amy's and Jill pulled their last two skeins of the color and dye lot I needed and put them in the mail to me. I think two skeins will be just the right amount to finish up the sky. I spent Friday night and Saturday adding the diamond shaped areas of Kreinik tent stitches.

It is a good feeling to see this much of the canvas covered in stitches. The next big push on this piece after finishing the sky is the bargello snowy ground.

Having the Olympics on television every night for the last two weeks has been a great companion for me as I stitched. As much as I have enjoyed the sports and the athletes' stories, I think I'm ready for it to be over. I abandoned the Olympics on television this weekend for the PGA Golf Tournament at Kiawah Island, SC and thoroughly enjoyed all the views of the beautiful beachfront along the Atlantic Ocean. I know I just spent the weekend at the beach a few weeks ago, but I'm ready to go back!

It's nice to see the sun this morning - especially after the weather we had yesterday. We had 5 inches of rain - most of it coming in a two hour stretch of one thunderstorm after another during the morning.

Well, the blog is short and sweet this week. Maybe I'll have more than background stitching to show you next week.

Have a good week ahead!


  1. I love the background stitch. It is perfect for the sky, giving it texture and compatibility with the rest of the canvas- beautiful. I cannot wait to see this finished.

  2. Your sky does look great. It is a great feeling to have a large area done. You feel like the end might be in sight. I am looking forward to seeing more of the snow.

  3. I wish I had had the dedicated time you had this week for your needlepoint. I need to get back on track. The piece is looking beautiful and your stitching is perfect as always. Can't wait to see it next week. I always think of the great weekend we had at Amy's when I see your pictures and progress.

  4. loving the sky! it looks beautiful!