Sunday, April 15, 2012

There was a complete lack of stitching this week up until Saturday. I was such a slacker all week long!  My stitching mojo must have been on vacation and forgot to tell me. I hope it's back this week so that I can get the S pear finished. At this stage of the project, it's not a good time to lose my momentum.

The blog is short and sweet this week. I'm determined to get some stitching done today.

Have a good week!


  1. Hi Melinda,
    Hope you have a good day stitching today. Did you have company this weekend?
    I hope so. Have not gotten much stitching done myself. Just about done with the center green section of the roof.
    Jake's cars are off to the framer. Am having a fabulous custom frame made. I do not even want to think of the price.
    Hope you have a great week.

  2. Get your mojo on! You are so close. Can't wait for next week's post.

  3. Your Christmas Banner looks wonderful. Your stitching is perfect. I need to catch up with mine. Bet you will be done with the Banner before we know it.

    Working on the Thanksgiving House Roof and its slow going on the center dark green area.

    Sue V

  4. Where did you get the pattern for the ring bearer's pillow? My daughter will be getting married in October and I love the pillow. If I start now, I shouldn't be rushed!!!


    1. Hi, Debbie - I apologize for not having gotten back to you sooner than today! The ring bearer's pillow is my own design. I found a font that I liked and then traced the letters onto the canvas. The rest was just trial and error until I found some stitch patterns that I liked. I experimented with many ecru, ivory, and white threads (and Kreinik, as well) until I found a combination I liked. I had the finisher embroider the wedding date on the back of the pillow along with some scripture that they planned to use in the ceremony. You are smart to be starting now if the wedding is in October. Happy times ahead for you and your daughter - enjoy every moment!

    2. Thanks so much for getting back to me. I'll be heading to the needlepoint store tomorrow!