Sunday, March 25, 2012

Welcome, Spring!

It  is such a  beautiful Sunday morning here in Georgia! I think the worst of the pollen is over (please, let it be over!) so now it's time to get back outside. I spent most of yesterday in the yard cleaning and pruning. My perennials are all showing signs of making their yearly appearance - Ryan's daisies, Easter lilies, black-eyed Susans, butterfly bush, daylilies, and lantana. I picked up my Kimberley Queen ferns this week along with two Painted Lady hibiscus and a magenta bougainvillea from the big plant tent that magically appears on Washington Road a few weeks before Masters week.

The blooms on the bougainvillea start out a deep orange and as they fully open become a deep pink. I haven't tried this plant in a long time so I hope it likes the full sun location I am giving it.

The azaleas are in full bloom this week and are spectacular. These are in my backyard and are so beautiful right now. I still have some work to do on the patio with many containers still to be filled with flowers. But at least the pots are emptied and just ready for me to make a trip to the nursery.

My progress on the M pear was a little slow this week but all of the stripes have been finished. Now I can move on to beading the M. I think I'll have M finished by the end of the week - just in time for the arrival of the last lesson in this Home Study project from Amy's.

Did I tell you that I am taking Robin King's Sunflower and Berries class at In Stitches in late April in Atlanta? Robin will be teaching us some wonderful techniques on a beautiful NeedleDeeva canvas that features lots of ribbons and beads and sequins. Robin is blogging about it on the Needlepoint Study Hall blog - check it out! I'm excited to get back to In Stitches and looking forward to meeting Robin!

In eagle nest news, there is still no egg in the Norfolk nest. I have not completely given up but the season is quickly passing by. It seems like the 5 year old female may still be a little young for eggs. Female eagles usually don't begin to lay eggs until they are at least five. She is still showing some juvenile feathers - a further indication that she might be too young for eggs this year. She and Dad keep trying to make some eggs but the nest remains empty. At the Richmond, VA nest, the two eaglets are cute little balls of grey fluff and you can see how they are quickly growing day by day. Mom has a hard time keeping one of them down in the nest bowl (the deeper part of the nest). At the Decorah nest, the first egg should begin to hatch any moment now. I am so glad I have the second monitor to watch as I work. Even if there is no action in these nests, I can hear the sounds of the birds in the nearby trees. Such peaceful sounds! A wonderful thing when you feel like you are chained to your desk!

I hope Spring has arrived by now in your neighborhood and that you can get out and enjoy all Mother Nature has to offer. I think I'm headed outside now. The beading on that M pear will just have to wait!


  1. The M looks perfect, Melinda. I hope to finish up my R and bead it today and tomorrow. I spent several days this week catching up on little projects. I heard that another finisher, has set their Christmas deadline to Sept. 1 this year. I know that there are going be several things I don't get done.

  2. Hi Melinda.
    The M is beautiful. Hopefully by this time next month you will be done with all the letters. You go girlfriend.
    How exciting to be taking a class with Robin. I have been admiring this piece and it will be nice to hear all about it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and your week stitching.

  3. Hi Melinda. Thanks for your kind words about our upcoming class. I am so thrilled for this opportunity. Your flowers are beautiful, too. See you in a month! Robin

  4. How exciting. You stitch. So do I--cross-stitch that is but I will have to check out some of the other blogs,you list.

    1. Hi, Sandy - Welcome! Thanks for stoping by the blog!

  5. Melinda-Your flowers are lovely and so is your stitching. I saw the complete Christmas banner at Amy's this weekend. What a treasure. That will be a spectacular heirloom.
    Sorry about the eagle situation.
    Enjoy your trip to Atlanta. I wish I was joining you. Maybe someday soon.

  6. BTW-We were talking about the Wild Women series and all tuned in to your blog to see Queen Elizabeth. She was a hit. I think Amy may have sold a canvas or two from that look and see. Have a good week.

  7. Thanks for letting me know that about the Queen. She was so much fun to work on - the first canvas/stitch guide I ever bought from Amy. If there were more stitching hours in the day, I would stitch some more women in this series. I probably will at some point but my dance card is full at the moment! I hope Amy did make some sales as a result of someone having seen my finished piece. It still is waiting to be framed.

  8. Hope you had a good. Check my blog on Friday. I got some more shots of the Christmas parade. I hope you enjoy them.