Sunday, March 4, 2012

Flying Needles This Week

The fifth kit for the Christmas Banner arrived from Amy's right on schedule this week. I had finished the I and the S pears ahead of schedule so, while I waited for the next kit to arrive, I went back - all the way to the C and the H pears - and worked on the silvery brackets of fly stitch that make up the third component of the background stitch. It isn't my most favorite part of the banner to stitch - it is a time consuming stitch with 4 fly stitches to each square. But, I found that as I plugged away at it and got into a rhythm of stitching, it became much less tedious. I took a photo of my progress but decided not to use the photo as it really doesn't do justice to the subtle sparkle that the fly stitches add to the background.  You really have to see it in person to appreciate what this third stitch adds to the finished look.

I wish the color of the Vineyard Silk Classic that we use in the background of the T pear had shown up better. It is called "Mojito" and is the exact color of the tiny mint leaves that are starting to appear in my herb border outside the back door. Mojito is a wonderful rich green and the perfect name for this background color. The background and the T worked up very quickly and will allow me to spend this next week working on the gold flowers. Satin stitches and lazy daisies sound like fun for the week ahead.

My other stitching project this week is Kelly Clark's Candy Corn Halloween Apple with a stitch guide by Amy Bunger. It is such a nice change to work on a 9" square frame as opposed to the 40" frame for the Christmas banner!

This project feels like it is just zipping along but it really isn't all that much different in size from that of the Christmas pears. There are just less design elements within the apple. With the black background of the apple needing to be stitched this week, I hope I can find time for some daytime stitching. I need all the light I can get when stitching a black background - the eyes just aren't what they used to be!

The sun is finally out this morning after what seems like days and days of rain - and wind! It is so hard to watch on television the destruction of lives and homes that the weather has brought over the last week. I think it's time for another donation to the Red Cross. Will you join me?

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!


  1. Everything looks beautiful. Your stitching is impeccable. I received my H and R this week and got started on the H only to realize that all of my stripes are different mesh. Some 3, some 4, some 5 and one that is 6 wide. Amy and Jill offered great ideas, but in the end I went and bought a bottle of acrylic paint in the same color as the background and painted out the stripes and will stitch the pattern from the guide the guide that way. I stitched the same apple that you are stitching now. Just got it back from the finisher this week and it turned out adorable.

    1. I am sorry to hear about your canvas. I think you were smart to paint and make it your own. I have several tubes of acrylic paint! I would love to see your stitching. Do you ever post on Stitcherie?

  2. Hi Melinda,
    Your fingers have certainly been busy this week. The "T" looks great. I love the candy corn apple. Like Diane I also have mine back from the finisher. Cannot wait to see where your fingers take you next week.

  3. Hi, Diane and Linda - Thanks for stopping by the blog. Diane - that is so strange that your H pear was painted so differently than the others. I was troubled that mine was just one thread off but to be 4, 5, or 6 threads off is ridiculous. I think your idea of ignoring the painted canvas and filling in with the paint was a good idea. You will enjoy stitching this pear - it is one of my favorites.

    I am a little late to the party on the Kelly Clark apple! But, better late than never, I suppose. I liked the one that Jill showed us on Facebook not to long ago. I'll have to put that one on my To Stitch List.

  4. Melinda-You have had a very productive week. All the stitching looks beautiful. I love seeing your progress. I hope to show some myself this week. My daughter's deb ball was this past Saturday night and so there was no stitching for several days prior.
    Have a wonderful week. I will look forward to more progress next Sunday.


    P.S. I find that odd about Diane's canvas as well. I have never had a problem with a Melissa Shirley canvas.

  5. Melinda-Have you seen Diane's finished apple on Stitcherie? Oh, so very cute!