Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rainy Days and Sundays

It's a rainy, dreary day in Georgia today. Makes me glad I ran my errands on Friday and Saturday and have no reason to have to leave the house today. A day like this also makes me doubly appreciative of the beautiful flowers Andrew sent me on Valentine's Day.

Don't these beautiful tulips and irises brighten your day? They have certainly brightened my entire week! They arrived here on Tuesday tightly closed - I couldn't even identify the irises but they opened a little bit more each day and by Thursday this beautiful arrangement was in full bloom.

The S pear has been fun to work on this week. I particularly enjoyed watching (and stitching, of course) the 4 waffle stitches come together. It looks intricate but it isn't a difficult stitch. You just need to pay attention to the placement of each stitch. Although now that I look at the photographs, I realize that I did not finish the stitch correctly. The last four stitches are in Petite Very Velvet and the last stitch slides under the first PVV stitch. I didn't do that so now I need to go back and fix it.

The lighting is so poor this morning that my canvas photos are looking washed out. Sorry about that! Yesterday I started working on the periwinkle stitches in the cream colored areas of the pear. I think that's what I will be doing for the rest of today.

In eagle news this week, the Mom eagle in Decorah, Iowa laid her first egg of the season on Thursday night. I was so excited to be watching as the first signs of her labor began. I think it took her about 15 or 20 minutes to lay the egg. It is about the size of a baseball. Dad was in attendance but out of camera range of the nest. I was surprised to learn that they don't continuously sit on the egg. It seemed that the eagle couple let the sun do some of their work yesterday. Fortunately it was a beautiful sunny day in Decorah yesterday. The Mom and Dad were never far away and Dad was seen defending the egg from a curious squirrel who lives in the lower portion of the nest. There are also some mice who live below the nest as well. I hadn't thought that mice could climb 80 or 90 feet up but they seem to have found a good home in the nest. Mom will probably lay another egg today or tomorrow and hopefully a third one in another two or three days.

In Norfolk, Dad eagle and female eagle #3 seem to have settled on each other as mates. Both have been at the nest numerous times throughout the day all week long. I think we will see an egg or eggs soon. They have been "enjoying each other's company" a lot this week - several times a day, in fact! That's the phrase the moderators on the discussion page use instead of "mating" since there are so many school groups of various ages that watch this nest cam and follow along on the discussion.

Time to get some stitching done so I'll say goodbye for this week. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

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  1. What a good son! I must have sent you the rain. It rained here all day yesterday, but good for stitching. Almost finished my Queen of Hearts. Perhaps tonight after dinner.
    The banner looks great. You are coming right along. And seems like it is all good news on the eagle front. Have a good week.