Sunday, February 12, 2012

Brrrr! Winter Has Finally Arrived!

I think winter finally blew in to the Southeast last night. The temperature yesterday dropped steadily all afternoon from the low 50s into the upper 20s by the evening. It's a beautiful but chilly morning and I will be interested to see if the buds on some of the trees and shrubbery in the yard made it through a cold night.

I really enjoyed stitching and finishing the I pear this week. It helps that good sized portions of the design area were only lightly covered by threads. Amy's choice of a blackwork design for the leaves was perfect. The painted canvas coupled with the Wildflowers thread in the Kelp colorway is an unbeatable combination.

The green stripes on the S are done in a Kalem stitch. The stripes work up fairly quickly and then you can move on to the Van Dyke variation stitch that Amy has designed for the sides of the green stripes.

Pretty soon I will have to back up across the room to get a full picture of the Christmas banner. It's hard to believe that there will only be a two more guides and thread kits to look forward to in this Home Study. I can't recommend Amy's Home Study highly enough! There are always so many wonderful stitches and stitch combinations not to mention an array of wonderful threads to try. 

I'm looking forward to an afternoon of golf at Pebble Beach - even if it means only being there via television. The views that have been televised this week have been spectacular. What a beautiful location! I hope to get a lot of stitching time in today.

Anyone watching the Grammies tonight? I can't decide if I will watch or not. I would like to see Adele and Lady Antebellum but I don't know if I am interested in seeing anyone else. I'm sure there will be some kind of tribute to Whitney Houston. She had such an incredible voice - too bad she couldn't conquer her inner demons.

How can I be thinking about watching the Grammies when Downton Abby is on for two hours tonight? I hate that this season is almost over! It seems like it just started. I wish I knew where I had seen this article but if you search Google for Downton Abby articles you may find it. The article is about how differently the actors/actresses on DA look in real life compared to the characters they portray. Wait until you see O'Brien and Mrs. Hughes in real life. They are beautiful women! It was amazing to see the photographs.

Hope you all have a good week and enjoy your stitching projects!


  1. That is some serious progress. Your stitching looks great. I agree with you 100% about Amy's Home Studies. They are wonderful to stitch and to learn from.
    What is the word on the eagles? By the way, it's cold here, too! Hard to believe. I hope I can stay in all day.
    Looking forward to your post next Sunday. Have a good week.

  2. I just love your blog. We missed the snow in NYC, but it has cooled down from the balmy 40's and 50's earlier this week. It's shocking to hear about Whitney Houston's passing even knowing via the press the addiction issues she was battling.

  3. Hi Melinda,
    I love the "I". You did a beautiful job stitching it.

  4. The banner looks beautiful. Beading my "C"today and hope to start some of the background.

  5. Hi, everyone! Thanks for stopping by today. Steph wanted an eagle update so here it is (and I will be brief!) At the Norfolk nest, Dad seems to have chosen his mate. It's female #3. They have been together all week since Tuesday. They have been seen mating several times this week and both have been working on the nest. Dad shared a fish with her this week and brought some fresh pine boughs to the nest. That's his way of showing he's a good provider for her and their babies. So sweet! At the Decorah nest it has been a cold, windy week. Mating continues and additions to the nest are still being made. It can't be long now before we see some eggs.

    Stay warm evryone!

  6. Just in time for Valentine's Day. Love is in the air or should I say nest?