Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Greetings!

I hope you had as nice an Easter weekend as I did. Andrew and Anna were in town for what always seems like too brief a stay. But we packed a lot in to the weekend, nonetheless. Saturday morning we headed out to Gurosik's Strawberry Farm to pick strawberries. It was a beautiful morning with a light breeze but temperatures beginning to head up into the 80s. The field was full of strawberries just waiting for our Easter dessert.

These were some huge, juicy strawberries! We filled up two large buckets in just a few minutes. There had been a heavy rain the day before so there was a good bit of sand to wash off our berries. Once we got home we rinsed them off on the patio and put them out on the table to dry out.

Today, for our dessert, some of these were sliced, mixed with a little sugar to make a syrup, and served over angel food cake with a dollop of whipped cream on top. Delicious! We had a pleasant Easter lunch on the patio of baked ham, macaroni and cheese with 3 cheeses, roasted asparagus, deviled eggs, and a spinach, goat cheese, and strawberry salad. Anna and Andrew made the mimosas.

I don't have much to show in the way of needlepoint this week. I had a busy week after my return from Memphis and not a lot of time to sit and stitch. I put in a few stitches on the Queen's bodice and that's about it. I wanted you to see the ear lobe that Amy stitched while showing me how to work a twisted lazy daisy stitch. It's very much like a bullion stitch and can be manipulated a little to smooth out any problems that want to creep in. The Queen has some beautiful "emerald" teardrop earrings that will be added towards the end. Also, take a look at the gold ribbon that surrounds one of the red Rhodes stitches. The gathered ribbon will be repeated around the other Rhodes stitches on the "batwings".

The Queen will keep me company this week as I watch all the specials on the Royals that are on tv leading up to William and Kate's wedding. I plan to get up early on Friday to watch the wedding. Will you be watching as well? What will you be stitching?

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi Melinda,
    Sounds like you had a fun filled weekend with Anna and Andrew. Your Easter lunch looks delicious.
    The Queen's ear is magnificent. Amy really knows how to work her magic.
    I will be stitching my Creche this week. I am working the sky. Lesson 2 will be here soon.
    Enjoy your Royal watching and stitching.

  2. The Queen's earlobe is terrific - what a brilliant idea (leave it to Amy)!