Saturday, February 19, 2011

Moving Right Along

Looking at the progress I have made on Dev L. Mann, I must wonder if I did anything else but stitch this week. This character is definitely stitching up much faster than previous characters. And maybe since we are at the end of a year-long project, it isn't such a bad thing to have the last character be easier and quicker to stitch.

This weekend I hope to finish Dev's asbestos tunic and start work on his face. There are still the logs on the fire to do and the beaded gecko to stitch as well. I think I see background work in my future this week.

I had better get in my stitching for the weekend today as I'm headed to Savannah for the day tomorrow. I'll meet Andrew and Anna there and we'll have a nice day together. I haven't seen them since Christmas and I miss them both even though we talk regularly by phone.

It should be a nice day tomorrow to be out and about in Savannah. We have had such nice weather this week. I even opened the kitchen window yesterday to let the fresh air in. Unfortunately the nice fresh air is full of something that has started me sneezing and running for the Claritin. It's hard to stay inside when it's in the mid-70s in February. I was looking at all the tender little leaves that are beginning to show on my hydrangeas and said a little prayer for them that we have no more hard freezes before spring really arrives.

Hope you have all had a little taste of spring this week! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hi Melinda,
    You go girl!!! I cannot believe how much you have accomplished. He looks wonderful. I am sure you will have him finished by next week.
    Enjoy your day tomorrow with Andrew and Anna.

  2. Beautiful stitching job so far (as usual).

  3. Hello Melinda,

    Your progress on Dev had me put aside another project yesterday had me 'jump' Gus and get started on Dev L. Mann.

    The fact that you reported that he seems to be a 'quick stitch' encouraged me as well. Perhaps it is easier because of all the previous Halloweenie accomplishments you have stitched??!!

    I see that you completed the black portion of the border using the Baroque Silk.

    Amy's instructions say... 'using 2 strands'...

    The Baroque Silk comes off in three sections, each section has three strands.

    Did you stitch the border with two of the three sections and if so, was it difficult to pull through the canvas? I thought it might be too thick.

    Two strands striped from one section do not give much coverage!

    Thanks for helping...

  4. Hi Susan - Thanks for stopping by the blog. I'm glad to hear you are starting Dev l. Mann. He really is a lot of fun and quick to stitch as I have already said. It could very well be that having stitched all the others that he just seems simpler. I did have some trouble with his sleeves and I'm not sure why because it's a fairly straightforward stitch. But, to get to your question, you asked about how to use the Baroque Silk. I believe you are looking at the instructions for the Background Floor. It calls for one strand of Baroque Silk. I used one strand of the 3. Don't strip anything more out of that strand or it won't cover.

    Sorry I had to sign in as Anonymous but Blogger won't let me respond to comments for some reason. Hope this helped a little!