Sunday, March 24, 2013

Small Spring Treats

The Easter bunny made an early visit to my house this year and brought me two fabulous scissor fobs from Paprika Pi in Texas. I had such a hard time choosing the one I wanted that I decided to buy the two I liked the most. I ordered these from The Needle Works in Houston, Texas.

The fobs are made of a baked polymer clay and fashioned into the cutest beads that are accented with other crystals, charms, and beads. The bee hive fob may be my favorite. Love the hive itself and the very detailed bee beads. Both the the bee hive and the flower pot allow you to stick the end of your scissors into them to protect the points. You can learn more about Paprika Pi by checking out their page on Facebook.

What's a post these days without an update on the latest From Russia with Love egg? Egg #7 - the Green and Fuchsia egg - arrived this week. I started stitching on this one while I watched the Arnold Palmer golf tournament at Bay Hill this weekend. I have really enjoyed the gold work on these eggs. It gives them a very rich, elegant look.

I haven't shown you my latest canvas (the Gift Cracker) in the Melissa Shirley Golden Cracker club from Fireside Stitchery. I had begun this piece several weeks ago by stitching the white trees on each side of the cracker. I could never get the stitching sequence right on this section so I put it away and was thoroughly disgusted with myself for not being able to stitch it correctly. I finally pulled it out again this week and immediately cut out the offending stitches and started over again. I was happy with my efforts this time and have quickly moved on to stitch most of the cracker. I was disappointed, however, to find that the Miyuki beads needed for the borders were not included in my kit. I need to remember to check each kit when it arrives to make sure everything has been included that should be.

Hope Spring is making an appearance in your area. It turned cold and rainy again here in Georgia this week which was no fun at all. My azaleas are showing signs of color and the dogwoods are almost ready to burst into bloom. It should be a beautiful Easter followed by Masters week. Here in Augusta, we tend to obsess over our azaleas peaking during Masters week. This year that might actually happen.

Maybe Spring will return this week with some warmer weather for all of us. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!


  1. Hi Melinda,
    Love your new scissor fobs. I will pick up mine when Karen and I go to Texas. This egg is another beauty. It is so hard to pick out a favorite. They are all beautiful. Love your cracker.

  2. And I thought I am the only one who "rips" with almost every canvas. There is something about the pink, green and gold. I think this is going to be my favorite egg so far.

  3. Did you mean The Needle Works in Austin, Texas? My home base? I do love fuschia and green together. I am glad you got the tree down. I hope the beads come soon so you can put that cute cracker in the finished column.

    xoxo Steph