Sunday, January 13, 2013

It Is January, Isn't It?

It was 78 degrees here in Augusta on Saturday and we are supposed to be near 80 degrees again today. I saw a tiny lizard yesterday sunning himself in this warm January sun and thought that he is probably in for a big surprise later in the week when more normal temperatures return.

I finished the red egg with the green butterfly crystals this week. It's a beautiful egg but I have to admit it won't go down as one of my favorites to stitch. I absolutely hated every single chain stitch that I had to put in. I don't like chain stitch to begin with and then if I have to stitch it with a metallic thread, well, it makes for a less than enjoyable stitching experience. The green flower crystals and the butterfly crystals really are very pretty so at least I ended this piece on a positive note. I hope my next egg arrives this week. Despite the chain stitch in this piece, I love this series and miss not having the next one to pick up and stitch this afternoon.

I may not have a new From Russia with Love egg to work on this afternoon, but I can start my newest Christmas cracker which arrived from FIreside Stitchery this week. This one is the Candy Twist cracker.

I had every intention of showing you my progress on the July 4th March this week but my camera died yesterday and the camera on my phone isn't cooperating with the computer this morning. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that the camera quit working after it was dropped onto a hardwood floor from about 5 feet up. Rest in peace Nikon Coolpix, you were a great little camera.

Anyway, this week I worked on the wagon and have finished the wagon itself, the red and blue bunting, and the collection of fireworks in front of the baby. I cut out the felt padding shapes for the megaphone and the wagon wheel, stitched them to the canvas, and will probably work on those areas for my afternoon stitching.

I think a trip to the Best Buy camera department is in order so that I have some photos to show you next week. Good thing I took the other two pictures yesterday before I dropped the camera.

Have a good week ahead!


  1. RIP Nikon Coolpix. That explains why your pics are so much better than mine. All mine are from my phone. I may have to invest in a camera. Despite the chain stitch woes, you must be pleased with the end results. It is gorgeous.
    Hurry to Best Buy. I want to see the stitching on the Fourth of July Parade!

  2. I compleatly commiserate with your chain stitch woes. I'm stitching Mary from Kelly Clark's Nativity and her shawl is trimmed in chain stitch. I've stitched and ripped it three times now. Ugh..... At least you have a successful and beautiful finish. Looking forward to seeing the parade next week.

  3. Hi Melinda,
    Oh, I love this egg. It is hard to pick a favorite one is more beautiful than the other.
    So sorry about your camera. Hope you find something on sale?