Sunday, October 14, 2012

Woo Hoo Witchy Woman

Remember that song from the Eagles? Their Witchy Woman had raven hair and ruby lips but my Witchy Woman has candy corn colored hair and ruby lips. Mehitabel's a little less sexy and a lot more friendly than the woman to whom the Eagles dedicated their song.

Miss Mehitabel was my finish of the week. What fun these Creepy Characters are from NeedleDeeva! Judee came up with some great designs and Robin brought them to life with her fabulous stitch guides. Mehitabel was an easy 2-3 week project and many days I didn't even pick her up to stitch. I think I will definitely have to stitch a few more of these. They are just too easy and satisfying to not stitch some more of them!

Have you seen the Geico commercial that is running on television right now with the witch trying out the brooms at the broom factory? I love it! Makes me laugh every time I see it!

This week I also worked on finishing up the first two stripes of Give Thanks. It is always fun to see how the chosen threads work with each other to add sparkle and texture to the painted canvas. I wish my pictures could convey this to you. I particularly like the Threadworx color that Amy chose for the green stripe diagonal lines. The shading moves from dark to light green with little flecks of sparkly gold and copper. So pretty!

I think my next small project will be one of Kelly Clark's Heritage Series ornaments. I added several to my stash over the last couple of months and it's time to get started on some of them. I'll show you which one I choose next week.

The Christmas Banner should be making its way home to me any day now and I can hardly wait to see it! I sent it to Marlene about seven or eight weeks ago. I also sent her a few of the Creepy Characters to be finished and I think a Kelly Clark Halloween apple ornament. Since I can't remember what I sent, it will be a surprise when they arrive back home.

Maybe I will have some finishes to show you next week - we'll see! Until then, have a great week!

" Whoo hoo, witchy woman, see how high she flies.........." Now that song will be in my head the rest of the day!


  1. Now it wil be in my head for the rest of the week! Until I get to Memphis and settle in for some stitching, visiting, and eating. Wish so much you were going to be there with us.
    Your Witchy Woman is darling. What a satisfying little finish. Be sure and show all the finishing when it comes in. Dying to see it.

  2. Hi Melinda,
    Oh, Your Little Witchy Woman is soo cute. I have added her and a couple of the other characters into my stash.
    You are doing a spectacular job stitching give thanks.
    Cannot wait to see all your finishing.
    I also wish you were coming to Memphis. We had such a wonderful time together last time. Miss seeing you.

  3. Beautiful stitching for sure! And such fun pieces. :)