Monday, July 2, 2012

Sizzling in Dixe

What a hot weekend it was! If you live in the Midwest or on the East coast that isn't news to you. Friday afternoon the temperature started to creep up above the 100 degree mark and by Saturday afternoon it was in the 106-107 degree range. On Sunday afternoon, the storm clouds rolled in and dropped the temperatures into the 80s but I only received about 10 drops of rain. I had lots of wind and thunder but no rain. Today, Monday, is a little better - we haven't made it over 100 - yet. Hope you survived this heat wave with your electricity and air conditioning intact!

This past week I concentrated on NeedleDeeva's Sunflower & Berries canvas. It just seems like perfect summer stitching. I ought to be stitching Christmas Parade with all its snowy scenery and thinking cool thoughts as I stitch, but the Sunflower canvas keeps calling out to me.

I finished the Confetti Ribbon background and moved on to finishing up all of the leaves and most of the vines. Just about everything I stitched toward the end of the week was green. I'm looking forward to beginning the stacked beading on the sunflower this week. That will be a nice change of pace!

My "cat-in-the-lap" stitching this week is a heart from Associated Talents.

It's so much fun to have a small project like this to work on. My cat thinks it's pretty wonderful to sleep in my lap in the evenings so she's happy that I have these kind of small projects to work on, too. Nothing gets in the way of her being in my lap.

These are the contents of the little package I received in the mail this week. Can you guess who it's from?

These are from Jody Williamson Valentine's Etsy shop. The patriotic piece measures about 7" x 7". If you are looking for some wonderfully patriotic small ornaments, be sure to check out my link to Jody's Etsy shop. I dare you not to buy something! As you can see, I also bought a St.Patrick's Day ornament. Stitching it should help me use up all those green threads I have left over from the Christmas Banner. Jody also included two random colors of DMC floss and a red, white, and blue lollipop. It was all beautifully wrapped in blue tissue with red and white ribbon.

The blog is a little late being posted because I was having fun all weekend with my daughter-in-law, Anna. Andrew had to work all weekend so Anna drove up to Augusta and the two of us had a girls' weekend. We shopped in the 105 degree temps on Saturday, watched a great movie on DVD - The Waitress - (Have you seen it? It was wonderful!), watched Olympic Trial swimming and gymnastics, ate out, and just generally enjoyed our time together. I was so sorry to see her leave yesterday but look forward to seeing her and Andrew in two weeks when I go down to Jacksonville.

Hope we all see (and feel) cooler temperatures this week! Have a wonderful 4th and enjoy the fireworks!


  1. Hi Melinda,
    What fun projects you are working on. They both bring a smile to my face.
    The sunflower and strawberries is coming out great. Robin did a wonderful guide for this. The heart is such a great quick project. The colors are beautiful. Love your two new projects.
    Sounds like you and Anna had a wonderful girls weekend.
    Try to stay cool.
    Have a Happy 4th.

  2. Hi Melinda,
    The sunflower and strawberries are just turning out so beautiful. I think I am really going to think about doing that canvas.
    I finished the T and M this weekend, now onto the A. I'm getting there.
    Have a great 4th. Stay cool!


  3. Have a Happy Fourth of July. I hope you will be spending it indoors stitching. Hard to believe it is hotter elsewhere. We are usually boiling by now, but have had a lot of cloud cover. I am stitching away on my belt trying to get it done.

  4. Melinda - I live in Jacksonville (FL that is) we'd love to have you visit our stitching group if the timing was right and you had the time. I'd love to see all your beautiful stitching in person.
    Cheers! have a great weekend - Melody