Sunday, January 15, 2012

Two Pears Down, Seven to Go

I think I said in last week's posting that I hoped to have started the topiaries on the H pear by the time I wrote this week's blog post. I guess I underestimated myself! With the exception of the leaves, I have finished the H.

I love the cute little pots the topiaries sit in. The stitches that make them up are so simple and so perfect. There were lots and lots of French knots to be stitched! I stitched and stitched yesterday accompanied by a few television shows I had DVRed during the week and two football games.  With two more football games today, I should be able to finish up the leaves and get started on the R.

Are any of you fans of Downton Abbey that is currently being shown on PBS? I am so happy it's back for the second season! If you haven't watched it but may have been a fan of Upstairs, Downstairs many years ago, don't miss Downton Abbey! From what I read in magazine and newspaper articles, it has a huge following. I'm not surprised at all. I think PBS is repeating last week's 2 hour season premiere tonight before the 9:00 pm airing of the new episode.

Enjoyed my eagle watching this week and my dual monitors. There is an eagle nest (with camera) at Jordan Lake in Apex, North Carolina where two eaglets hatched this week. Dad Eagle has been taking care of Mom and the kids with regular deliveries of duck and fish. He also gives Mom a break and sits in the nest so that she can stretch her wings.

At the Decorah, Iowa eagle nest this week, winter finally arrived. I tuned in to the nest cam on Thursday to find the nest completely covered in snow. Mom and Dad were no where to be seen although someone captured on video Dad attacking an intruding adult eagle who had come to check out the nest. The intruder hasn't been back and Mom and Dad are bringing a new covering of dried grass to the nest despite the snow.

The other cam I am following closely, especially this weekend, is at the North American Bear Center in Ely, Minnesota. This cam is placed in the den of a black bear, Jewel, who is showing signs (as of yesterday) of going into labor and preparing to give birth to her cub. There is sound with this camera and you can hear Jewel's heavy breathing. The biologists studying the bears say that bears are usually in labor for 22 hours or so and they think Jewel went in to labor around 5:00 pm on Saturday. If you are interested in seeing Jewel's den and maybe her newborn cub, here's the link

Well, there are lots of cameras to watch and stitches to be stitched today, so I had better get to it. Sending you wishes for a great week ahead!


  1. 22 hours of labor! No wonder she's breathing heavily. The Swans are huge fans of Dowton Abbey. I missed the premiere so good to know it's on tonight. Three hours of prime TV and stitching.
    Good work on the pears. The look beautiful. I guess you have R with you until you get the next lesson. See you next week.


  2. Hi Melinda,
    The H came out really great. I am really enjoying stitching this one.

  3. It looks beautiful Melinda. And YES! to Downton Abbey. I have to vote for Mary and Matthew as a couple. Can't wait for tonight.

  4. Good morning, Friends -
    Glad to see that you are also watching Downton Abbey. I, too, hope for Mary and Matthew to finally get together but, even more, I want to see Mr. Bates and Anna have a happy life. I would love to see O'Brien and Thomas get what's coming to them - and Vera Bates, too! Don't get me started on them!