Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Can you believe that Christmas is just two weeks from today? I went to the mall this morning for my one trip of the season and, if I were a merchant there, I would be wondering where everyone is. Of course, I arrived at 10:00 AM when they opened so I had no problem finding a great parking place and plenty of sales associates to help me. There were so few shoppers! I hope for the merchants' sakes that all the shoppers are heading their way this afternoon and in the next two weeks ahead.

I promised you a picture of my Melissa Shirley Nativity figures with their new backdrop.

I found this mirrored cathedral-type window backdrop on a Christmas show on QVC a couple of months ago.  I added my grandmother's Boehm angels to the grouping and some handcrafted sheep as well. I need to add some greenery or straw but haven't quite figured out what to do to bring it all together.

The "C" pear on my banner has been so much fun to stitch this week. I was very pleased with my progress. I finished the Helen's Lace background stitch and the snowflakes. Amy did a beautiful job with the snowflakes. They were perfectly diagrammed to follow the painted canvas. Even my background stitching worked out well around the snowflakes.

Last night, I moved on to beading the "C.

I hope you are finding some time for yourself and your stitching in the midst of this crazy/wonderful time of year. Take some time in the evening and find a good Christmas movie on television and settle in with your stitching. This week I watched The Polar Express and Elf - two of my favorites. I haven't watched Love Actually yet and have only seen parts of The Holiday - my two favorite romantic Christmas movies. I never miss either of those movies at Christmas.

There's a little more shopping ahead for me this afternoon so I had better get to it. Have a wonder-filled week ahead!


  1. Thanks for the great idea of the mirrored cathedral backdrop for the nativity. I will be finishing my second nativity set this year and hadn't thought of that for a setting.

    Your pieces are truly lovely!


  2. Melinda, Everything is beautiful. They are hoping that my canvas comes to them this week so that they can ship it.

    May your shopping days be merry and bright.

  3. That mirrored cathedral is brilliant especially if you happen to have a two-sided nativity. Your Melissa Shirley set is beautiful. I just love it. And the Christmas Banner is to die for. You are doing a wonderful job and clearly mastered Helen's Lace.
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog and others so I started my own. Check it out at

  4. Hi Melinda,
    The first pear is beautiful. I am working on the background.
    Hope you accomplished most of your shopping. I finished up this morning.
    Your Nativity is just beautiful.