Saturday, September 24, 2011

They're Creepy and They're Kooky

Mysterious and spooky,

They're altogether ooky, the Halloweenie Family. Dr. Acula and W. Herr Wolfe were reunited with their fellow Halloweenies this week following their return from a visit with Marlene in San Francisco. They are as handsome as their fellow characters. I have a wonderful sense of accomplishment when I look at my Halloween mantle this year. I don't think that I have a favorite character because each one is unique in its own way. As each character arrived, I learned new techniques and stitched with threads I had never used before. I have to thank again Kelly Clark for her incredible canvases, Amy Bunger for her detailed stitch guides that really brought these characters to life, Jill at Amy's Golden Strand for organizing the canvas and thread shipments each month, and Peggy and Robin who started Needlepoint Study Hall to help those of us in the Home Study group with techniques and moral support. It was a wonderful stitching experience in every way!

How do you like my witches' stockings and boots hanging above the fireplace? Maybe the Great Pumpkin will fill them with some goodies on Halloween? I found the stockings at Pier One and they aren't actually meant to be used as I have done. At Pier One they are shown on the front legs of a chair. So the chair looks like it is wearing stockings and witches' boots. It's a cute idea but I like my use for them much better. If you need some cute Halloween decorations, Pier One is a great place to start. I was tempted by just about everything they had.

I'm still working on my Halloween tree and will show that to you next week. My tree is crying out for the Creepy Characters ornaments from NeedleDeeva. I hope to start on those soon but it may be another week or so before Amy's is able to send them to me.

No sooner had Marlene sent my last two Halloweenies back to me, I turned around and sent her more pieces to finish for me. I sent her the three Heritage Series ornaments, the witches' hats ornament, the Noel canvas, and the "boo" canvas. I'll wait for her to call me to discuss my finishing options for Noel and "boo". I'm not sure what to do with either of them.

I had hoped to finish Keep Calm and Carry On this week but ran short of the Kreinik braid I am using for the diamond crosses. Jill at Amy's kindly got my emergency order out to me and the threads arrived yesterday - just in time for stitching this weekend.

I may have my threads with which to stitch this weekend but I don't have the energy for stitching. Some sort of nasty virus settled in with me on Thursday and I have done nothing but cough and ache all over for the last two days. As of this afternoon it still isn't showing any signs of going away. I'm just hoping for a few hours of quality, cough-free sleep tonight.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and accomplish a great deal of stitching! Take care -


  1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

    (P.S. I am going to post your progress on the Needlepoint Study Hall blog.)

  2. Hi Melinda,
    The mantel is spectacular. All the Halloweenies fit perfectly on the mantel. How proud you must be for completing all the pieces. You did a fabulous job on them. Love the witch stockings.

  3. Is it Melinda or shall we call you Morticia? Love the mantel and love your work. Can't wait to hear what you decide to do with "BOO"

  4. Hi, friends! Thanks for stopping by the blog and following along as I stitched my way through the Halloweenies and now as they make their debut as the finished group. I know this sounds silly but when I look at them, I find myself saying - "wow, I can't believe I stitched all of them!" It's fun to stop and look at them one by one and remember what was going on in my life with each one as I stitched them.

  5. Melinda

    I look forward to your blog each week and once again I was in awe. Your mantle is outstanding and great tip about Pier One. The Halloweenies are just dazzling in all their bling and special stitches from Amy.

    Sorry your under the weather and take care of yourself. Maybe the Halloweenies can come up with a special brew for you

    Sue V

  6. ooh, Melinda, your mantle looks marvelous! Good job! And love that BOO!


  7. Melinda! FABULOUS!!!!!!!
    The mantle looks A-maz-ing! Now you've gotta get some girlfriends up there for the guys....
    Elvira stitched by Kelly and Kat Z. Witch stitched
    by Robin King!!!! You know after one season on the Mantle w/ only a couple of babes(1 spoken
    for!) Those Halloweenies will be a trollin'!

  8. Kelly - you are too funny! Hadn't thought about the fact that there was a lack of "babes" on the mantle! Elvira and Kat are on my list to stitch at some point. I may have to start a Witches Corner as my mantle can't hold one more Halloweenie. You really did a marvelous job on these canvases and I loved working on every one of them. Thank You!

  9. Let's not forget Queen Elizabeth I up there in the corner. She looks quite grand and I am impressed! Can't wait to see what is next.

    Stephanie Ashworth