Sunday, April 21, 2013

Eggs are the Focus This Week

What a heartbreaking week this has been! So much sorrow for lives that have been lost and for those lives that changed forever in just seconds. It certainly brings perspective to the minor problems and  inconveniences in our own lives. Most of us aren't faced with the sudden death of a loved one or the loss of an arm or a leg or other life threatening injuries as a result of the actions of radical religious fanatics. Let's stop for a moment and offer up prayers for all of those affected by the events of this past week.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Masters golf weekend last week and no one could have asked for a more exciting finish! Laura J. Perin's Bargello Egg was the perfect project for a weekend planned around watching golf on television.

I completed the bottom half of the egg and am ready to move on to the top half. It has been a pleasant change of pace to stitch with perle cotton and not have to worry about plying the threads and laying them with a laying tool.

Egg #8 in the From Russia with Love club arrived this week. This one looks as if it will be another quick stitch. The colors are so rich - a royal purple background, gold work, and emerald green crystals for the flowers.

Another beauty! I have loved everything about this club as I have told you so many times but I was a little taken aback this week when I found out that the egg canvases I sent for finishing to The Needle House in January had not even been started. That was an unpleasant surprise to say the least! I hope the finishing makes them worth the wait.

I'm looking forward to the arrival this week of the first kit from Amy Bunger's new Home Study - Royal Pain in the Tudors. I think a few of the things I ordered from the January market will be in the box as well. My UPS driver and USPS mail carrier have no idea how much I look forward to seeing either one of them this week! I can't wait to show you what arrives this week!

Hope you all have a great week ahead!


  1. Nice stitching - those eggs really are beautiful - BUT - there is actually no evidence that the Boston terrorist acts were perpetrated by 'radical religious fanatics" - one of them is dead and the other injured. Their motives are, as yet, unknown. It's important to be accurate about this - the only way to stop these things happening again is to understand properly why they happened - not to make assumptions.

    Keep enjoying the stitching.

    Godalming, UK

  2. I love the Bargello egg and actually came very close to purchasing the chart this week. Restraint is my new name for awhile. I have to finish a few projects up before I can get to new ones. So sorry to hear about the finishing. If they only knew what it means to us to have our finishing back right a way. Have a good week. Love everything.