Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cars and Stars

It's another good Sunday for stitching in front of the television. Lots of cars at Daytona today and just as many stars in LA for the Oscars tonight. I have actually seen one of the movies for which there are quite a few nominations - The Help. I hope Billy Crystal does well as the host tonight although anyone would be an improvement over the last couple of years. I would rather be watching Downton Abbey at 9:00 tonight but since the season's shows have finished I suppose the Oscars will have to keep me company. Anybody else watching tonight? I almost prefer the pre-Oscar fashion show on the red carpet to the actual award ceremony.

Well, another month is coming to a close and two more pears on the Christmas banner are complete. I enjoyed these two very much but I'm always eager for the supplies and guide for the next two to arrive. Until they do, I'll be working on the background.

One thing you can say about this banner - there's never a shortage of background to stitch. Since the background is made up of three different stitches, it isn't difficult to find yourself needing to work on at least one of them.

As I finished up the S pear this week, I had a little stitching time on my hands and found myself looking for something small to work on. I remembered Hootie Owl needed just a little more stitching to complete it. Hootie has been languishing in the project basket for too long but he is now a finished project.

I've now stitched three of the Creepy Characters from NeedleDeeva and am looking forward to stitching a few more of them. The hard decision has to be made - which one will be next? Actually the next small project will be Kelly Clark's Candy Corn Halloween apple. I'll share a picture of that one with you next week. I just started it on Friday and there isn't enough stitched just yet to be picture-worthy.

In eagle nest news this week, the Decorah eagles now have three eggs in the nest. Mom laid egg #2 early in the week and egg #3 came Friday evening. The Raptor Resource Project which operates the cameras at this nest have shown us some fantastic views from the eagle's perspective this week. The nest is at least 90 feet up in a cottonwood tree on a farm in Decorah, Iowa. The camera operator panned the camera on Thursday to show us the beautiful snowy landscape over which Mom and Dad eagle reign. A fish hatchery, a trout stream, corn fields, and a farm make for an ideal nesting site. We can start looking for the eggs to hatch around the end of March. It is so touching to watch the eagles carefully roll the eggs with their beaks and curl their talons in when they settle themselves onto the eggs. At the Norfolk nest, the eagles are still making additions to the nest and building up the "crib rails". They continue to "enjoy each other's company"but there are still no eggs. In the past at this nest, the latest an egg was laid was in late March so perhaps there is still hope for an egg this year. The female has been sleeping in the nest the last few nights,  Maybe that's a sign - hope so!

May your favorite driver and favorite actor/actress/film cross the finish line first! Have a good week!


  1. Wonderful blog, Melinda. Your Hooty looks fabulous. Have a fun TV Sunday. I'll be watching the same programing. Hugs to you.

  2. You are doing a great job keeping up with the letters. Your stitching is perfect. This will definitely be ready for Christmas 2012. I am counting down the days to go until my visit to Memphis. So looking forward to meeting Helowise the Peddler.
    Enjoy your Sunday. I am about to settle down and stitch away myself!