Sunday, August 21, 2011

Revisiting Halloween

My stitching attention this week turned from Christmas ornaments to Halloween-themed projects.  Once I finished all of the compensation on the background of the July Heritage Series Ornament, the rest of the stitching flew along. I finished it earlier this week.

The three ornaments I stitched from Kelly Clark's Heritage series were fun projects - quick and easy (except for the background on the Ruby ornament). I highly recommend them! All of the stitch guides were by Gina Liuzzi.

So, now my attention has turned to Halloween again. I've had the "boo" canvas by & more for almost a year now. I bought it from Amy's last year when I was in the midst of the Halloweenies and couldn't find time to fit it into the stitching schedule until now. The stitch guide is by Amy Bunger.

I like the fact that this design is a nice change from many of the usual Halloween canvases we see, i.e. cute, spooky characters. "boo" is a sophisticated Halloween canvas. Don't get me wrong - I love the spooky characters! This is just a nice variation on the Halloween theme.

The other Halloween project I started this week is Kelly Clark's Drizzled Witchy Hats Halloween apple. Again, I purchased the canvas, threads, and stitch guide from Amy's. I started the bow late in the week and began working on the hats last night. Another fun and quick project. Be sure to check out my stitching friend Linda's finished Witchy Hats apple. It's so cute - finished like a candy apple.

Continuing along on the Halloween theme, please take a look at Jane of Chilly Hollow's blog. She features some wonderful detailed photos of Nancy's finished Haunted House. The Haunted House was another part of Amy's Halloweenie Home Study last year. Nancy had shared a photo of the finished house on Facebook a week or so ago, but it's nice to see more detailed pictures. She really did a wonderful job on this very large, very detailed project. My Haunted House is languishing in its pillowcase, I'm sorry to say. But, one day I'll bring it back out into the light of day and finish it. Nancy provides the inspiration to keep plugging away at it. Thanks, Jane and Nancy, for sharing it with all of us.

I finished two more books this week and was sorry to turn the last (electronic) page on both of them. I finished No Rest for the Dead - a collaborative effort by numerous mystery writers. I also finished State of Wonder by Anne Patchett. I highly recommend both books - very different types of books, but both very enjoyable. Next on the list is to get re-acquainted with Tom Clancy's Against All Enemies which I started a few weeks ago and put aside for other books that more quickly captured my attention.

I'm watching a show on Southern barbecue and my stomach is reminding me that I have some pulled pork in the refrigerator just waiting to be eaten for lunch. Time to eat!

Have a good week!


  1. Hi Melinda,
    Your Heritage Christmas ornaments are magnificent. You have inspired me to stitch mine. You are going to have such fun stitching Boo and the Halloween Apple. Hope you enjoyed your lunch.

  2. Thank you, Melinda, for your kind words about the Haunted House! Our taste in things stitchy must be similar because the & more pieces (boo and others) have appealed to me since I saw them. And your Heritage ornaments are just very special. I would love to do them too!

  3. Hi, Linda and Nancy!
    So happy to hear you like my Heritage ornaments - I do too! Thanks for your comments. Nancy, I think that you and me and Linda are all on the same wave length when it comes to our stitching projects. It really is inspiring to see your Haunted House complete. I also loved seeing your Mary Lake Thompson turkey. I didn't make the stitching connection before reading Jane's post about the turkey. Great work!

  4. Isn't it fun to stitch something small like a Christmas or Halloween ornament with great decorative stitches and interesting thread. I love your choice of projects and your stitching is exceptional.