Sunday, February 27, 2011

Speak of the Devil!

Dev L. Mann and I will soon part ways - probably this week. In addition to the background, there are still a few details to finish up - the nest of grass under the crow, the crows' beaks, Dev's mustache, and the logs under the flames. Nothing too time consuming.

I am disappointed in the photograph of Dev L. Mann this week. It really doesn't show any of the sparkle and shine of this character. In person, the gold and orange flames on his tunic really catch the light.

To be honest, of all the Halloweenie characters, Dev L. Mann was my least favorite. But that was before I stitched him. As I just mentioned, photographs just don't capture how the Neon Rays, the Fyre Werks, the Accentuate, and the Painter's Threads bring this character to life. The slightest movement of the canvas brings a great reflection of light off of the threads. Now that Dev L. Mann is almost finished, I am as fond of him as I am of all the other characters.

The calendar may not say that Spring has arrived, but Mother Nature is not watching the calendar. In my backyard, the Japanese Magnolia and the Pink Perfection camellias are in full bloom.

I haven't checked my azaleas yet but I hope that we won't be seeing them bloom until at least a month from now. Here in Augusta, we always hope that the azaleas wait to bloom right before and during The Masters Golf Tournament the first full week of April. 

Speaking of The Masters, I am wrestling with the idea of renting my home during that week. I haven't rented to anyone in the last 4 years. Many people in Augusta rent their homes during Masters week and I may have waited too late this year to find a renter. Schools are closed in our area that week and so many families take their money from renting their home and head out on vacation for the week. It is a HUGE undertaking to get your house ready to rent. It means cleaning out closets and dressers, scrubbing bathrooms top to bottom, and doing the same for the kitchen. It also means having the outside of the house cleaned and the yard and patio looking their best. It is extreme spring cleaning taken to the max. 

I still haven't decided if I will rent, but if anyone who reads the blog and might be coming to Augusta during Masters week and needs a 2 BR, 2 Bath to rent, just let me know. I'll go into cleaning overdrive for you!

Not to rub it in for my friends in colder parts of the country, but I think I'll head outside now. Temps are supposed to be near 80 today and there's not a cloud in the sky! I'll take Dev L. Mann with me and keep working on that background.

Stitch on -

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  1. Hi Melinda,

    Dev L Mann is just spectacular. I agree with you that he was not my favorite character but I think you might have changed my mind.
    Thank you for bring a touch of Spring up north.