Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Bride and Groom Return Home and Other News

Bridezilla and her Groom returned home yesterday! What a wonderful surprise! They're sorry they missed Halloween but it was a low key one around here anyway, so they didn't miss much. But, I'm thrilled that they are back! Marlene worked her magic again and they make a lovely couple.

They were anxious to see Stirha and Frank and renew their longtime friendship. Everyone posed on the mantle for a family portrait.

Seeing the four of them together made me realize that the mantle will be a crowded place once all of the Halloweenies are finished.

The UPS man has no idea how happy he made me yesterday! Not only did he bring me the wonderful package from Marlene, but he brought me a package with this in it from Amy's:

I resisted this canvas as long as I could (which wasn't very long if the truth is told). I'll finish the XOXO canvas first before starting this one, I promise. I love these striped canvases by & more. So much fun! Check out the snazzy zebra print tissue paper that my goodies were wrapped in!

The other highlight of my day was finding out that Pat Conroy has a new book - My Reading Life - and that he will be in Jacksonville (Neptune Beach, actually) on December 7th for a book signing. Guess where I will be? My Reading Life is a work of non-fiction for Conroy and is about the books and characters that have influenced him in some way or another. I downloaded My Reading Life onto my Kindle this morning and am looking forward to a nice cup of Tazo Chai Tea as I sit down to begin reading it this afternoon. Conroy says that he will never own a Kindle - he likes the way real books feel, look, and smell. I do, too, but I wish he would give it a try. Even though I have downloaded the new book, I'll be buying the hard copy as soon as I can get my hands on one.

I think I should probably go do some work. Too many needlepoint and book distractions today!

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  1. What a lovely arrangement and blog posting, Melinda. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing. Could I post your mantle photo in Amy's e-newsletter December 2010 issue? Just let me know (email: creativecats@comcast.net). Thanks, Robin

  2. Hi Melinda,

    The Bride and Groom really look fabulous. The family picture really looks great. Cannot wait to see next years with all the Halloweenies and the House. You are going to enjoy stitching Boo. I had a fun time stitching it. You have inspired me to do my Merry Christmas. Maybe during Christmas week when I am off.

  3. I love the & More canvases and Julie Snyder regularly comes to In Stitches to teach classes so I've been meaning to get my favorites.

  4. Our little family of Halloweenies is growing slowly but surely, isn't it? I was happy to see just two of them on my mantle this Halloween season but now I have four to look at. The Halloween season may be extended a little this year especially since the Bride and Groom were a little "tardy for the party" (yes, I watch Real Housewives of Atlanta!).

    Megan, thanks for letting me know that Julia Snyder visits In Stitches often. I'll have to make an effort to get to Atlanta the next time she comes to town. Maybe you and I would have a chance to meet? As I said, I love her canvases. I now have three in various stages - finished (merry christmas), in the works (XOXO), and waiting in the wings (boo).

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Melinda

    I love your Mantle and the "Halloweenies Group"
    Marlene does wonderful finishing.

    I am trying to resist Boo but it is getting harder to resist after seeing yours.

    Sue VanderNoor

  6. Melinda--

    She is coming November 15 and 16 for an Embellishment class (one day class) but I am unable to attend either because I am at the Tony Minieri the next weekend! I am so excited about that one! I will definitely keep you up to date on when she next comes in though!